Tum nine out of ten are actively interested in their finances

In French, only the French are ahead of them. Of the countries studied, Belgian is the most prominent. However, the result is not the worst, even here seven out of ten people are actively involved in finance.

The data came from an international survey by ING Bank. Europeans generally consider their pensions to be worthwhile. The eight out of ten inhabitants of the old continent are not indifferent to their financial affairs.

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Three quarters of Europeans finance themselves, without the support of banks and financial experts. Only the percentage of respondents decided at the bank. It is interesting how the two groups differ from each other in some of the monitored parameters and in which their stereotypes of breeding are different.

In the group of people who are responsible for their own financial decisions, those who have their finances under control are more likely, do not exceed bank limits, are often subject to impulsive purchases and argue about pensions with their close ones. Declare that they have time or are able to make financial affairs. On the other hand, those who leave the decision-making on their finances to the bank are more likely to agree with the statement that it is difficult to manage finances in a day less than ten years ago, and thus more likely to run the home ethnicity, explains Libor Vanek, ING Bank’s retail banking director. .

Today it is in shape

It is claimed that most Europeans (67%) claim to manage their pension more than 10 years ago. This is due not only to the financial crisis, which in some localities has significantly affected employment curves, but to technologies such as mobile banking or contactless payments, which offer new forms of pension management.

The right pension is right for Italy (82%) and Turks (75%). The Netherlands (48%) is in full swing, where less than half of the population values ​​the situation in the administration as a mountain not ten years ago. They are optimistic in this respect, and only half of them make this statement.

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