Try investing in a big Czech-Slovak competition for a Porsche Cayman

Eclipse uncertainly, but since then in sharp traffic. Investin competition, vn is the main prize of Porsche Cayman, starts on Monday in the black version.

You can download the necessary program from the website from half of it and create a competition. At nm, you can then practice the trade and until the sharp turn of the competition on June 1. At that time, all competing techniques will be set back to the starting amount of 200,000 crowns.

You are not your own investment

The competition is based on relevant data, ie on the actual development on the market.

The main prize for this is a luxury Porsche Cayman car, including paid payroll tax, plus other valuable prizes. The winner is the one who evaluates the most of his or her potency during the competition from 1 to 30 June.

In addition to the main prize, the winners will be given ten laptops, which are waiting for the best investors every week.

The capital is a virtual deposit of 200,000 crowns. Therefore, the competitor does not have to pay a day of pension, he does not create a day of bundles, but also a day’s claim for possible profit, which he will create at the competition here.

Sta si sthnout platform XTB-Trader

The investment process will help with the help of a simple internet platform, which the participants will download to the site from the website. They have graphs and technical analysis tools available. There is speculation of both a fall and a rise in price, namely the help of a CFD contract or a contract to equalize the price difference.

The platform offers trades in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, wood, corn, m or clay, a total of 26 different commodities. According to it, you can invest in the currency market with the help of buying and selling individual currency items. The offer includes all major currencies, such as the euro-dollar, pound-dollar, dollar-Japanese yen and dollar-Bulgarian franc, a total of 41 currency pr.

Invest directly in stock indices such as the US Nasdaq, the British FTSE or the PX crack – a total of 18 stock indices and 20 different stocks.

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