Tried: Getting a loan from Zun is not as easy as advertising

The loan from Zuna is the first free of charge, issue it completely online, just a click away. At least that’s what the bank itself claims. As we have tried, not all claims are so fully true. Let’s take a step forward from practice.

Zuno banka’s advertising slogan is: “Are we really the first to borrow free of charge? We are. ” And that’s not true. “As of 2010, Era will offer a loan free of charge for enough, provided and first loans, even for the possible early repayment of the entire loan,” says Potovn spoitelny Zuzana Kaltov. Since 2011, the bank has also withdrawn from the wall fee for early repayment.

Just move your finger

“We know that our products will be the same among our clients as the savings. Let’s prick with an offer that is opt frov, transparent and very quickly available. Clients can do everything easily and especially online, ”represented the recent director of the Czech and Slovak Zuno bank Tom Kuna.

I decided to put his words into practice and tried to apply for a loan. I meet all the conditions that the bank has on its website, so it will be a mess.

The research should be submitted by 50 thousand crowns for half a year, the installment swapped on the orientations of the calculation on the bank’s website, especially the left back.

The announced percentage rate of 6.9 percent looks interesting. How much do I get to? The competition is not able to get below 14 percent per year.

1.It fills in quite a while, free of conditions at

Filling out the formula was really easy and took less than a minute. I chose the simplest loan without a bond. Last but not least, the signature via the SMS verification function worked without any problems.

However, the honest growth of the entire business conditions took me a considerable amount of time. Unlike the tariff, which was one A4, and the contract, which was written in a clearly large dog, the terms of the pages have ten, and the writing of the business terms has changed to “equalizability.”

2.The city lasted several minutes and lasted several days

Apakpiel fled first. Because I don’t have to pay in Zuno, but in another bank, I have to deliver the last entries to the bank and thus the scanned bankruptcy. The ability to do this is vc. I refused to go to Zuno znyi to send the documents by sweat, the magic of a quick and easy sweat dog would disappear. Volmtedymonost tet, loaded directly in online banking.

Unfortunately, I can’t even load the necessary documents for another attempt. The system starts working and gets stuck after a while. It was also researched in the evening if the lines would not be released, but the result is the same. So ask the bank directly in online banking.

When no one has answered me within 24 hours, try to laugh at the chat. No one answered, but a second time mm tst. I can send documents electronically to an e-mail address. Hur, maybe it’ll work out this time. The next day in the morning, two days after the first attempt to send enough, I get an e-mail in the mailbox at first, that they have all the required documents and that the loan is in working order.

Then Ekm gave them three days to answer. It lasted exactly a week. The bank speaks on its website for a very five days, they managed to do it in three hours, I did not break the record. “Absolutely most of Zuno’s clients do not have this problem,” said Luk Tomis, asking the bank if they encounter a similar problem often. Therefore, the delay was caused by the inability (or inability) to load the data.

3.They did not give the dog – they did not give the right reason

With the expected e-mail, the bag was so disappointed: “It’s sorry, but your enough about Pjko has not been approved. One of the reasons may be that you do not have a regular monthly income, an income of less than 10 thousand crowns, or you have not met other internal approval requirements. If you send your bag to Zuno for at least six consecutive months, you can apply for Pjka again, ”I ask from the bank.

The income is enough mm, so the banks ask, they asked for the loan. We can only refer to our calculator, which will tell you in advance if you have reached the top, or how the conditions could be changed… ”

If I don’t reveal my methods of shortening, I understand that the rest of the bank will not work. How to change something when I don’t know what? So I am communicating with the bank again, but I will not know the reason for the rejection even from the given answer.

4.Rejected was caused by a contract for a definite period

I appreciate that the bank communicates with clients even in the evening and about saints, unfortunately even though the answers were quick, they didn’t help me much. I still had no idea, don’t want to drink for me. The conditions available on the internet of the furnace have been met by the Bank.

So I used the “authority” of the newspaper and asked officially in the press department. And the reason is rejected in the world. They did not give me a loan because they have an employment contract for a definite period, which, moreover, finally fulfills the maturity of the loan.

It’s definitely a reason to fix it and I want the bank. Protect myself and my own. I just don’t understand, they didn’t tell me that as a client. There’s nothing wrong with that and a transparent bank shouldn’t keep such a thing a secret.

It would be worthwhile to immediately go to the first page of the website in terms and conditions: You will not receive the loan when you have an employment contract for a definite period of time (or when the loan maturity is longer than the duration of the contract).

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