Trend in insurance: per contract with more insurance policies

Jarn nabdka ivotnho pojitn je rozmanit. Prakticky kad pojiovna do n zaadila njakou novinku. Clients get new, nice tips and bonuses in the form of paid pennies.

Until recently, life insurance policies sold exclusively as a way of saving on st. They can be used in this way, but it has been easier for them to change insurance policies over time, add other families to the insurance contract, buy or, conversely, take various types of insurance risks.

It is then agreed that you will receive a pension in the event of death, sudden, long-term illness and you even during your stay in hospital. In one contract and mainly paid by one permanent order. You can pay the contract from billion to pension. In most cases, clients also receive a type of insurance discount for a larger amount. Often there is a bonus in the form of a refund of payments, when you do not report the bottom code.

The improved offer does not have to concern only new clients, you can use it, even if you have a contract. For example, Pojiovna esk spoitelny umon clients with an old contract of the Flexi type may return to the latest improved version without additional costs. Kooperativa has behaved in a similar way, as it also offers existing clients a loyal premium for a trouble-free course and, as a bonus, can be used once for free.

Banks are also slowly joining the fight for customers. For example, Raiffeisenbank has started to offer a variant of flexible risk life insurance Dividend from Uniqa, which, in addition to an improved connection and a bonus for a trouble-free course, is extended by a voluntary savings component and is cheaper for the bank’s clients.

GE Money Bank, on the other hand, offers a life insurance policy from ING Pojiovna for non-core customers with a combination of investments in mutual funds.

News on the insurance market

  • A comprehensive insurance company, where children can come to one contract, is offered, for example, by SOB Pojiovna. The advantage of the Forte 2011 product is the large range of insurance coverage, online and online with the use of tax levies.
  • Vbrov life insurance Maximum 3 from Czech Business Insurance combines the benefits of investment and classic insurance. Two adults and an unlimited number of dt can sign up for one contract.
  • Amcico offers a life insurance Futurum, which is designed firmly for economically active people who will retire in 2030 and 2040 and can thus improve their pension through paid annuities and provide scholarships for children to study.
  • You can get a regular rent in the future by arranging an investment with Nov Rytmus at Allianz. In addition to this option, the novelty also boasts a unique construction of my first fees, which are thanks to the bonus of halves and in the case, you have more than 150,000 crowns, even zero. In addition, it is possible to conclude a contract and eight million crowns without having to undergo a medical examination.
  • Pojiovna esk spoitelny includes Flexi life insurance and insurance for recreational risky sports (mountaineering, bungee jumping, diving, rafting), and activates them by sending an SMS first.
  • In addition to children, ING Pojiovna, which has improved the connection in case of permanent consequences with progressive filling and the connection of daily doors for the time necessary only once with the progress in case of hospitalization. In the event of a non-refundable course, you will also receive a 10% bonus on the paid premium.
  • Aegon Insurance Company offers a new additional disability with a progressive benefit, which is completed once. The second novelty of the insurance company is the connection of called diseases for children.
  • As part of its risk insurance with a dividend, Uniqa offers the first protection of the family, insurance against 34 invited diagnoses and cheap insurance for women.
  • Rewards in the form of refunded administrative fees to loyal clients and a wide insurance cover for recreational and amateur athletes without risk bars are also new for climbers and the life insurance company Aviva offers.

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