Travel has never been cheaper

Since 1990, salaries have risen more than a week, although prices have not changed. The ticket to Pae then cost one thousand, today the same ticket for three thousand crowns.

Strong crown, cheap tickets and great competition: these are the strongest reasons why travel is so affordable today. The internet also signed up for a hefty discounted holiday. From the comfort of your home you can quickly compare offers from many travel agencies, book a trip, but also find and pay for transport and hostels yourself.

Traveling has never been so cheap, says Jaromr Bernek, tourism analyst at Mag Consulting. Tomio Okamura, spoken by the Association of Czech Travel Agencies, and Tom Brejcha, marketing director at the largest and oldest edok travel agency, also agree with us.

By air for kadho
Don’t want to fight for 20 hours on the bus to moi? Lete. Analyst Jaromr Bernek, especially those who did not even think about it years ago, fly to holiday destinations today, especially to Mediterranean destinations. Since 2000, when there was a boom in charter flights, ticket prices have fallen to aunt. And thanks to a lot of competition, stle.

you only get a pension

It always pays for tickets, you can buy them, the cheaper. We booked a ticket to Thailand half a year in advance. It cost us 16 thousand, if we left the purchase at the last minute, we paid 23 thousand crowns, explains manager Gbina Havlkov. At the same time, it is advisable not to join one date, but to try to enter several dates in the search for cheap carriers. It is a good idea to have an extraordinary offer sent to you by e-mail.

Cheaper from abroad
You can book a trip directly from a foreign travel agency. For example, an air trip to Egypt via esk portl bought in Germany will cost less than eight thousand crowns. Departure is a bag from Düsseldorf, transport by bus with Euroline cost you thousands. Even so, the congress will be about a thousand years less comparable to buying from a domestic travel agency.

After me penz and after soui a vod
The expansion of individual tourism has also contributed to a sharp reduction in buses and boat transport. According to the Daily Telegraph, the price of ferries and boat tickets has reached a quarter since 1990. In 2002, for example, a two-way ticket to London from Eurolines cost 3,900 crowns, today it will cost 1790.

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Ask questions
You can find more information on the city’s website. This way you can fill your journey for a period when it will be appropriate. For example, in Pai, some galleries and museums, such as the Louvre, have free admission every Monday on Monday, with great discounts on saints. All European capitals are in a similar situation.

It is good to find out in advance about the possibility of purchasing a so-called multifunction card. They will travel by public transport, thanks to which you will have discounts on admission to monuments and museums. The cards are available to me at ticket vendors and information centers.

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