Tons of lkaj at 2% appreciated. But anci?

Last week, Potovn spoitelna presented the world of these packages of banking products Plus and Klasik with a guaranteed annual rate of 2% by the end of 2007. Replace so and so far the best year calculation.

Do you have free funds, but do not want to be a kind of telltale? Still looking for a suitable way to evaluate your disputes, and still not find the first one, because you do not intend to take any risk? We have for us – ING account or bn et Potovn spoitelny.

Spoc and

For a relatively long time, there has been an interesting opportunity on the market of banking products for extremely conservative investors to evaluate free finance better than “ordinary”. term deposits and no worries. This is the ING spoc account with an annual rate of 1.80%.

If you decide to open an ING account to count, you will soon notice the uritch difference from spocch t, and term deposits of other banks. Forget about a limited tax with a minimum fee or a long due period. The only limit is the amount of 10 thousand crowns, or the first of this amount in the year and the condition to enter into the contract at least one and a maximum of so-called transactions, ie the only ones to which funds from the ING account can be transferred (they can also be accounts at other banks and you don’t even have to own them). You do not cut fees from your finances and you can also manipulate it through internet banking. These are the basic parameters of the ING account, which and until now there was no competition between our banks.

The novelty is “tons of you”

In half of the bag saw Potovn spoitelna with a fairly interesting, however, time and quantity of limited offer for those who go do not have their personal network, or consider a change banks, or just the right way to save your free pension. The condition is to start a private stay in the Plus or Klasik program by June 15. Thus, by the end of 2007, secure an annual rate of 2%, up to a deposit value of CZK 100,000. If you insert more, the amount exceeding the said amount will be the annual rate bn by the bank offered for these types of t (ie over 100 thousand crowns 0.60% pa).

Unlike the ING account, the bag from the deposited funds cuts the fees for the management fee here – in the Klasik program 23 crowns and in the case of the Plus program 40 crowns. The fees are “exchanged” for the issuance of Maxkarta, for the establishment and maintenance of a lot of deposit here with a duly valid sentence sent entry, for the establishment and maintenance of a term deposit and for the preparation and sending of a subsequent deposit from here in the case of Klasik. In the Plus program, he will offer an additional fee of 40 crowns and maintenance fees account current, selected fees electronic banking and maintained debit and credit payment cards.

you have hundreds of crowns

Each coin has two sides

Just like two coin sides have coins, so both compared ones have their good and bad sides. Only deposits and withdrawals can be identified as certain inconveniences of the ING account, they can only be made non-cash. This seems like a long time to someone. According to which there are limited three transaction heaters – it is not just about bn, but the calculation.

Personal Potovnní spoitelny in the Klasik and Plus program can be used for completely normal banking operations, or just leave your money paid here. Of course, it is not a problem to empower any number of people who have access to here, for example. the moment you do not go to the bank. Limiting the bag for better use as a payment for the rest, or terming is definitely suitable only for a certain amount.

Table: Overview of pros and cons compared t

and Pros Disputes
ING account year 1.8 pa The rate is variable
completely free of charge only one disposable
without vpovdn lhty the condition is stated min. one and max. 3 transactions,
Program Plus a Klasik Potovn spoitelny year 2% pa appropriate year end with 2007
years rate is guaranteed fees for maintained and canceled here
nabz i provdn bnch transakc roen deposits more suitable only up to 100 thousand. TO

Source: Banks

Competition? Zatm jen doasn

So did ING’s competition grow in the form of postovov t t Potovn spoitelny? Sure yes, but only doasn. The eligible year is, as it has been changed, only the new postage programs of the Klasik and Plus programs will be published no later than June 15 this year. years, the rate of 2% is a significant attraction, but if you consider saving your pension at Potovn spoitelny only e.g. on pr msc and then you have to cancel in full considering that this transaction will cost 200 crowns. Potovn spoitelna toti as one of the few banks and so far has maintained the fee for cancellation here.

The best way to evaluate your finances, virtually unconditionally, is to maintain an ING account with an unbeatable annual rate between term and spot rates. Temporary actions can sometimes pay off, but it is always necessary to carefully evaluate all the pros and cons. In the case of the offer of Potovn spořitelna, the limit of 100 thousand crowns is known for the evaluation of free funds, or if your account with Potovn spořitelna is only for the sake of a suitable evaluation, you will be able to pay for the price you charge .

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