three tips on how not to deprive yourself of social doors

The elements of state social support are not just a “bet” of extremely poor people living at the subsistence level. Often, even those who don’t even have a ton about their year can reach it.

If you think that I am influencing the low level of support for the current social support, it is created automatically, even if you log in yourself, you should. Even those who think that the installments, which will lead to a reduction in the family budget, can increase their income.

So what do you need to realize and what is necessary to take into account in order to reach the social door?

1.O sociln dvku muste podat

Some of the two social supportions that we can use to help people have a family budget, depending on the income of the household and the living wage of their members. They are primarily a child allowance and a housing allowance.

If you find out that your household is entitled to one of the doors, you must apply for it at the regional branch of the series of work according to your place of permanent residence. dvka nle.

Pklad: Ptilenn family with three children 5, 10 and 17 years with the same income of 29,500 crowns a year for a total allowance for all children in the amount of 1810 crowns (see here).

The family lives in a nice apartment in Prague. Salary costs for housing in the amount of 11 thousand crowns. Household mnrok na msn post for living in vi 675korun.

If the family lived in a rented apartment in a city with a population of 50 to 100 thousand inhabitants and the cost of living would be worth more than ten thousand crowns, they would be entitled to a cost per living allowance of more than 1,150 crowns.

Poznmka: The living wage of the family is 12,300 crowns.

2.There is a certain income until the claim for social doors

People often spend some time on the social side of the state, because they believe that their incomes are not the maximum required amount of the subsistence minimum.

Pklad: A single family with two children aged 12 and 17 years is entitled to a total pension allowance of more than 1,310 crowns if the family’s income reaches a maximum of 25,344 crowns (2.4 times the subsistence level). The gross income in this case is over 30 thousand crowns.

3.In the next year, the income and subsistence minimum of all common households are assessed.

In order to be entitled to one of the two-hundred-party social support, you must assess the income of all the people who share in one apartment and look at the castle’s household costs. So both parents and children, and grandparents. Of course, the living wages of all the common households also join the two-year claim.

Pklad:woman with two children aged 14 and 16 and with the same monthly income of 17550 crowns a year for child benefits in the amount of 1310 crowns, if she lives alone with the children.
Poznmka: the minimum wage is 7,730 crowns. 2.4nsobek ivotnho minima potebn pro nrok na pdavky na dti je 18 552 korun.

If a woman lives with children in a household with a family who has a monthly income of 18,320 crowns, her entitlement to child benefits expires. Poznmka: Domcnost m spolen pjem ve vi 35 870 korun a jej vitn minimum je 13 390 korun. Potebn2,4nsobek ivotnho minima pro nrok na pdavky na dti je 32 136 korun.

4.Splky vr and alimony do not affect the demand for social doors

If I leave a few thousand crowns in installments, including the alimony, even for alimony, it can happen that I do not have enough money to live on. Some people then believe that they can provide state social support. The opposite is true, installments and alimony do not set the limit necessary for the door.

Pklad: A full-time family with two children aged 5 and 8 years and with a net income of 23,600 crowns is entitled to child benefits in the amount of 1,110 crowns (2.4 times the subsistence level is 23,640 crowns).

If a similar family owes more than 23 thousand crowns due to the payment of more than one thousand crowns, there will be no entitlement to benefits. Its same income is actually 28,600 crowns.

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