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“This is the most anti-Soviet program on our TV”

“The investigation was conducted …” – this is how it is called on NTV. The program has been running for 10 years, and it is conducted by a wonderful person Leonid Kanevsky.

People's Artist Leonid Kanevsky - like a butt on the head

Well, “Mikhail Svetlov, tsigel-tsigel” … Or: “If someone here and there sometimes does not want to live honestly with us.” Yes, that same Major Tomin, the magnificent Shurik.

You watch the program and are moved: what a wonderful person this presenter is. You look like an endless crime series, and you know: there will be light at the end of the tunnel, there will definitely be, the killer will be found, you will see.

But suddenly I looked “The investigation was conducted …” in a different way, from a different side, angle … And I was horrified. Good God, how can this be ?! The program is broadcast every week from year to year, and there is only about the murders in the USSR. Not Stalin, not the Gulag, not the 37th, no – the splendid Brezhnev era. And murders, murders, murders …

They are not invented, these are real cases from the file cabinet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Comrade Shchelokov, the minister of these bodies under Brezhnev, will not allow lying. And I, a fool, all yearn for those times, I am nostalgic, touched. I want there, I want!

Then, during the stagnation, what kindness was! People walked the streets, sang songs. The entrance doors would not close, without these damn code locks, intercoms … You could come to your neighbor at night without a call, ask for salt, and there you would be stuck in the kitchen until morning in frank heart-to-heart conversations. Oh, how I miss those times!

And suddenly People’s Artist Leonid Kanevsky seemed to be hit on the head with a butt. Murder, one worse than the other. Maniacs, rape, repeat offenders and death, death, death … So in what country did we live with you?

The same abruptly “Gulag Archipelago” will be and the perestroika “Ogonyok”. Then at least we had a guess about Stalin’s repressions, we knew something, thanks to Comrade Khrushchev, the thaw and the 20th Congress of the CPSU. And here … Let’s count: the program comes out every week for 10 years – and all the time about killers and their victims. There are twelve months in a year, four weeks in a month, so multiply by ten. What kind of animals lived in that wonderful Brezhnev time, just think!

This is the most anti-Soviet program on our TV. She leaves no stone unturned from that sincerity, love for neighbor, pioneer oath, red tie, Komsomol badge, party card.

“And the time was disgusting!” – said Raikin. We thought it was he about the Great Terror, but it turned out … Just as the exposure of Stalin destroyed the meaning of the life of many communists, so the “Investigation was conducted …” is killing my good-heartedness, nostalgia for the past of the country in which I live. You know, now it is so bad, so uncomfortable, man is a wolf to man, and not a comrade and brother, and then you float away, leave your thoughts in that very golden childhood. And somehow the soul becomes warm.

Now what to do, where to find an outlet? And in the 30s, darkness and horror, and in the 70s and 80s, and now “there were worse times, but there was no meaner.” I am at a loss, in decline, in despair, my picture of the world is broken, destroyed. “The killers!” – exclaimed Yarmolnik in the stagnant and beautiful “Baron Munchausen”. Eh, Shurik, Shurik, what have you done to me.

Our Gingerbread

This is what life has brought Sasha Pryanikova: the channel “Culture”, “We are literate!” – so the program is called. Gingerbread – and on “Culture”! And around children, children, everyone is so smart, advanced. How did Alexander come to such a life?

Photo: Still from video

He’s with MuzTV, remember? What was the host! Simply the best. You are so clever, ironic, musical. MuzTV largely supported it. It was already a quarter of a century ago.

Then MuzTV got a competitor – MTV. And who was there, remember? Vanya Urgant was there, Shelest was, Churikova Yanochka, Anton Komolov … Where are they all now?

Everyone has their own destiny. The most successful, of course, is Vanya, there are no questions – the star of the First. The rest have difficulties, everyone has their own. Churikova also left MTV for the First and at first became a famous host of the “Star Factory”. But the “stars” ended, the project ordered to live long, and Yanka came to naught. Now we see her (or rather, hear) only once every two years as the host of Eurovision, when the turn of the First Channel comes. She had some kind of Internet troubles, sometimes she acts as an entertainer in prefabricated concerts, “hodgepodge”, and nothing else. You already forget how she looks, you only remember that she is somewhat similar to her famous namesake from Lenkom.

Olga Shelest went to “Russia” with love. First, in “Girls”, and for the same “Eurovision”, where she famously performs solo with Dima Guberniev. And again, only once every two years, no more. But on MTV it was a cult character.

The same goes for Komolov. What a sweet couple gone! He dangled between the radio, where no one could hear him, and the First, where he was at Urgant’s dancers. Is this a role for such a hero?

Yes, it helped the guys through life. But Pryanikov, our Gingerbread, as Vika Tsyganova called him in the “Earth-Air” program, in my opinion, made the right choice. “Culture” is a brand, mark, quality mark. Sasha is very organic there, and the smart kids are so good for him. He spins them, is proud of them, admires them. He is like Maslyakov, only better, because KVN is degrading, although everyone is watching him, and “We are literate!” almost nobody is watching, but this is a great program. And Sasha Pryanikov is wonderful there.