Think about changing professions? Skills are not the only thing you need

It is not true that the choice of field of study will affect your entire future career. Today, they are not afraid to leave the career and try testing in another field. This is not an easy process. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such a change in time and thus invite your ance to the shower.

At the same time, the need to change the profession is not necessary. The biggest find a new job is to be born in the dark of the field. Much will move away from the field, so it will be more difficult. This is not unreliable.

Hard skills are not the only thing needed for a hurry, said Michal Novk from the job portal It is necessary to evaluate which skills and qualities I can learn in a given field, and not to limit oneself only to what knowledge or distance is needed for.

It is not necessary to work in the field in which you have experience. On the contrary, I think that the desire to fulfill dreams is a strong motivator than skills, agrees Kateina Lukov, HR Director of SAZKA. In addition, ev life has met a lot of people who have changed the field, and therefore poured their test. They are happy and balanced.

Which field is the right one

But it’s hek. If I have a field for me, I have to deal with the fact that I will find myself in the role of a layman who will be an experienced employee or expert, points out Karel Klusk, director of CK Intact. Someone does not have to accept such a change, it feels like a loss of dignity and a dream of status. In order for you to succeed, humility will be very important and strong. And, of course, the first choice of a new profession.

Klost are two attributes that you have fun and at what time you are. It is therefore good to make a list of activities that I can and do for a while, and vice versa, what I do not want to do. According to this, Jaroslav Indel, HR manager of Geis, who provides comprehensive transport and logistics services, recommends several areas that are of interest to us.

Take a break

Subsequently, it is good to find out as much information as possible about what is a full job and what exactly the working day, week and month looks like. He meets regularly during interviews with people who have the idea that they would be a time-long sales representative, because they rarely meet and have fun with people and they travel, as described in the section. Unfortunately, it is often common to find that meeting and selling is something else, that setting a profit for profit and the number of business meetings would be stressful for the applicant and he does not want to travel and so often even so far.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to find out as much information about the profession and the specific position as you do not want to do next. Zante on the Internet, he will offer you the answers to the team on the day.

Protect your advertisement to your dream position. You can also find job descriptions on the job portals. Kateina Saparov, Director of the Human Resources Division of Home Credit R and SK, is thus open and publicly available on the Internet database Nrodn system. Here you will find all the necessary information for individual professions.

Look for information about people in the field

A good helper may be the same social st. There are many social groups where people who have common interests come together. There you can ask a lot of vc, gain a lot of knowledge, two tips Lukov. You, what is happening in the given field, what problems the workers have and what will help them in their work.

Interviews and podcasts with experts who have shared their experiences and experiences are available on the Internet. This also serves me as a basic insight into the issue. According to each other in his efforts to penetrate into a new field, points out the opportunity Klra Escobar, director of human resources Moneta Money Bank.

They can be assisted in this situation by a career or a well-known person in the field. Thus, job fairs are an ideal complexity for mapping the shop, where you will find more employers in one place. And they will hardly devote themselves to me here. One such trade fair is Profesia days.

Prepare for the interview in time

As soon as you are clear, come to a row addressed to potential employers. However, the CV will not be a motivated letter when changing fields.

During the interview with the employer, you will be active, ask the initiate a question. It should be obvious that you are not looking for any work, but that you want to work in this new field.

You should be able to explain, for many fields, the Klusk range. But don’t just mention negative reasons, such as bad relationships at the current workplace and loss of injury. It especially requires positive motivation. This is much more important for employers.

At the present time, when there is still a shortage of workers in all areas, the lack of practice is not discriminated against, Novk. According to him, the employer looks at the willingness to learn and wants to actively participate in the operation of the company or organization.

When the right HR is looking for a complex problem, he must sensitively estimate its strengths and suitable attributes for the performance of the job offered. Previous experience is important, but it is important that what I am trying to offer now, the approval of Ondej Wysoglad, CEO of Manuvia’s personal services division.

How to be a novelty in the field of two employers

This fact is also confirmed by the company itself. If you are interested in coming from another field, we always go to Olga Henlov, HR manager of Footshop during the interview, mainly after experience and relevant skills that are transferable.

The employer saw the same. The experience of the applicant is important, his personal profile is also important and last but not least, there must be a lack of motivation and desire, said Eva Nmekov from the travel agency edok.

Thus, Home Credit confirmed that candidates from another field can succeed at the bank if they have the necessary competencies to do so. For example, the work of a delegate at a travel agency with a great deal of experience in dealing with people, even in crisis situations, must certainly demonstrate language and organizational skills. A man who left the comfort of home and worked abroad would only be on the summer job, according to Saparov, he will be an interesting candidate for the bank, even though he never worked in the finance sector.

Jana Vvrov, project manager of HR services at Grafton Recruitment, adds a plus in the field in other contexts and the transfer of know-how and approach. If, for example, a bank clerk decides to change the field to a teacher, she will give birth to a pro-client approach.

They can recommend dt vai znm

References, for example from previous employers, would be from another field, can also help decision makers. We are interested in the main character traits, such as sincerity, loyalty, burn and drive for everything you like. According to the way he establishes contacts and maintains relationships, cite Henlov’s examples.

Elsewhere, not recommended by a former employee to acknowledge that from their employees. They know our corporate strategy and culture and will be able to determine for a very long time if anyone from their immediate surroundings could apply, but especially if they would be honored in our environment, explains Klra Escobar.

This task is provided by the HR specialist. When someone knows the candidate personally, for example from a pedestrian job, there is a chance that he really knows him and is able to evaluate his qualities and possible shortcomings, to Lukov.

You will have to work hard on yourself

If you went through all these goals, took all the new work, you got the first point, but you did not win. The question will be talked about after a while. Changing the field requires a high degree of determination and temporary steps in private life. Therefore, two candidates considering a change of permit with respect, to Evelina Markovkov, HR specialist at Hecht. She adds that for her position she first paid to people who were not afraid and gave success in the field of human resources.

So, for example, if a hunter from HR wants to become a programmer, he has to deal with the fact that instead of a public sitting with a bird, he will have to study programming languages ​​and whoever. Or when the assistant wants to advance into marketing, she has to deal with the fact that she will have to finish her studies. This is in person and often at his own expense.

The company can support the hunter, but the expectation of many people that they take all the risk and pay all the costs, for example for university studies on a private bike or a retraining course for a programmer, within working hours and for full pay, is relatively uneven. Kateina Krist, HR manager of BNP Paribas Cardif Pojiovny.

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