Thieves know a new way, like vykrst ATM

An ATM is a device that fascinates even a machine filled with a pension, it may not work in any other way. Therefore, there is a flow, from the attempt to take him through the cell and in a remote place to open it through cases deceived the cardholder and after attempts to confuse the device and force him to issue more pensions, he should not. And the first such attempt recently took place in America.

In the past week, it first appeared in America that a fraudster had managed to reprogram a mini ATM at a gas station in Virginia without the special equipment so that the machine considered twenty-dollar bills in its twin as five-dollar bills. Then, with the help of a prepaid (and therefore anonymous) card, he withdrew cash and left with an immediate gain of 300%.

Surprisingly, the ATM did not reprogram the ATM and therefore gave the opportunity to issue it to other customers as well. It took nine days (!), No one reported the fault. Of course, the way the thief did his piece was not made public.

One New York security expert became interested. According to a CNN video, he identified the ATM as a Tranax Mini Bank 1500 Series. Pot then tried to find a copy of the manual for a given, apparently vulnerable type of ATM, to find out how the hack was carried out. He succeeded and was stunned for a moment with a simple explanation.

The ATM manual contained a lot of sensitive security information, especially instructions on how to access the ATM control mode – a special sequence of characters for setting up this mode. During control, the ATM requires passwords, but the default settings are listed here. Although Manul recommends that the operator change the password preset, it is obviously often recommended, among other things. Probably after the fall from Virginia, the manufacturer sent a reminder of his tip. The only restriction is that the ATM cannot issue more than 40 banknotes per transaction.

Would you take an oveen identity by voice?

Tranax has installed about 75,000 ATMs and self-service terminals in North America, the flagship type being its flagship. According to its director, Tranax is developing a firmware upgrade that will force the ATM operator to change the default passwords. It should be ready in a few weeks and will be included in all new ATMs. Of course, the company does not have the power to persuade the operators of its ATMs to accept the upgrade. You have to choose for yourself to install it.

The company has registered a similar problem in the past, when it only took one password to access your control functions. This meant that the person who performed the regular service of the device had more authority, did not need it, and could have abused it. The company then evaluated the case as a corrupt-insider issue and implemented a straightforward approach so that the person operating the machine would not have access to essential functions.

When asked that the passwords are preset in the manual, the Tranax director replied that this is standard practice in this industry. The authorized distributor who put the manual on the website violated Tranax’s copyright and rules. The normal manual should not be available to anyone who does not own it.

And what about other ATMs? Isn’t there more vulnerable types? When looking on Google, you can find the jet manul of a small ATM from the company Triton. During its examination, the surface surface that their ATMs have similar weaknesses.

So you can see that ATMs are not as invulnerable as many people think. Pbh from America is not a nation to try to deceive them anywhere in the world. It is important to remember that it is not good to underestimate the risks, especially when handling pensions. Despite various warnings and remedies, they will still find people able to wave their hands at significant safety risks.

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