Thieves for dice cards. Banks promise to fix

When choosing a pension, you must be still in the stitch, attach the largest Czech banks and promise to improve the security of your ATMs. The thieves, who get a copy of the card and PIN at the ATM thanks to the modified hole and the miniature stone, spun and surprisingly spn.

The largest savings bank at all is ATM, which, according to the talks, recorded “fall units” this year. The same fog is approaching the number of flows Komern banka, number two on the ATM market.

SOB claims that it is certain for a year, ivnobanka does not want to comment on it, in GE Money no one was able to get along with it on Thursday. According to Tom Kofron, Raiffeisenbank has installed a security element in all its ATMs this spring, which is still quiet.

Now he wants to add them to the eBanka ATM, which Raiffeisen bought last year, and its devices are not yet in full swing. eBanka had attacked two of its 53 ATMs this year, say.

Everyone is sure
Similarly, the savings bank wants to make it harder for thieves. “Currently, we are installing another security feature with a special card slot that prevents the installation of dill equipment,” said Kristna Havligerov.

So far, there are a hundred hundred ATMs out of a total of 1,094. The bank wants to secure the bank by the end of the year. “We will install this new security device,” said Romana Ondrkov from Komern banka with 655 ATMs.

SOB ensures that all ATMs have above-standard security. NCR will supply the devices for the savings bank and Komern banka. Zdek Fuik’s company could not be reached. Wincor Nixdorf is made for SOB.

ipov cards are better
According to the director of Sdruen for bank cards, Milan Ztka, fraud does not have to prevent even self-security. “One hundred percent protection does not exist in the area of ​​human activity, nor in payment cards,” says Ztka.

According to him, very bad for the breeding client. “It pays to pick a stle from the same ATM you know and you will notice any suspicion of change,” said Ztka.

Strongly protected securities are against the misuse of so-called IP payment cards, which are gradually being replaced by banks with a magnetic stripe. You remember phone cards, instead of a magnetic stripe to store information on the card small ip. He copes much harder.

Even with ip, clients can’t be sure. Many ATMs and terminals are still unable to grow from the IP, and instead it is drawn from the magnetic stripe that the card (so far) has.

While paying at the store, the client can see whether the card is just plugged into the stream (ipov) or has to go through the stream (strip), it is not possible to recognize it at first glance when withdrawing from an ATM.

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