They stayed in the cellar, today they have two production halls and a hundred employees

Ten years ago, Martin Wallner and Tom Huber, friends of the rest of the bike, wrote such a good semester that they decided to implement the project. Today, statisticians have customers who order namchan msli according to their own taste. And not only that.

I see that even the past has not passed the Easter line. Do you have much pkn easter eggs, how did you come up with the recipe?
When developing each of our new products, we follow a simple path: We want to show that you can always enjoy health, from a quality environment, without palm oil, artificial colors and preservatives. We briefly took the surroundings, mixed frost-dried fruit, green and matcha or you with coconut and wrapped dark almonds in it, and this colorful and very good egg was created.

I probably won’t find them in the supermarket.
We certainly invented the recipe and the production procedure, so they are only available on our e-shop and in selected health food stores, to which we will add.

Where is the product? With business partners or in your own e-shop?
From time immemorial, we have focused mainly on health food stores, premium stores and farm stores. We do not rush into large chains, we want to maintain our high standard of quality and not be pushed by large retailers to dream of the cost. The e-shop is of course unchangeable, because only here you can mix your mix of butter, fruit or fruit and ok, or order a flake subscription, which is what Mixit Mixit did.

Mte i stl zkaznky?
According to our observations, we have a few customers during the year of statistics, and lovers of marriage and healthy sweets from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary can also order their mix. But travel to the customer with Mixit and two of him like gods, so let’s know that this is how we got to all continents. I think our Mixitka was with an adventurer and to Antarctica.

Are your flakes other than the ones I buy in the supermarket? And where do you buy raw materials?
We take the absolute vine of cereals in Czech. And in whom are we different? Our flakes (and they are oatmeal, itn, yen, penis, palm or buckwheat) get to the table and the flakes faster in the table, not with flakes from the supermarket, where they have to go through a long logistics chain. We also picked up the method of production by the supplier, thanks to which we can use cat and flakes. These frames are unbearable and classic with classic faint flakes. And I’m not talking about our flakes from the oven, which we mix with honey before foaming.

What do you buy and what do you process yourself? Or do you grow something?
If for a long time something, and because we are good at exchanging and producing great flavors of sweets and other goodies, let’s not let others take away and take away from the best growers and importers of raw materials.

How did you best pour?
Simply. We simply went around them, tasted them and begged them to add to them even the small amount we needed for the arrest. Usually they used to add in tunch, we wanted a pound. And whoever lived in the arrest, he will often add in the tunch. But only if I’m under everything in super quality, which we tasted at the arrest.

When and how did it even occur to sell flakes?
It occurred to us at this time exactly 10 years ago. Actually, we have a dream! (smch) It was a series of semester work, and both of them liked the idea so much that we agreed and decided to do it. Naturally, we both used it for their own business, to the online environment, and food was an interesting segment. It wasn’t like we fanatically wanted to make msli, we thought it was a great product that people like and we would like to make it better.

Weren’t you fighting that the competition is getting stronger?
We were afraid of him and everyone from the arrest, and at the same time no one and no. There was no such competition at the time, so we were afraid that someone would start mixing so much on pn. In the case of big games, we were especially afraid that the idea would be so attractive to them that they would take the capital and leave us the producer. It didn’t happen, we managed to grow up and we always take any competition as he gave and healthy motivation is better.

Do you know the floor of the flakes? Buy in some ronm period more?
Jasn. We have a classic fragrance and St. Nicholas season, when you buy us most often and as handles for others. Then we have sales before Easter, because we also have a Easter donut for carolers. Baking is just healthy than the surrounding delicacies and children love you such a buyer of fruit as the surroundings. And this year we were amazed at how well it went before Valentine’s Day. We had a special mix of butter with a nice aphrodisiac guarana, a stick bowl with hearts and a bunch of fruit around and everything disappeared under our hands. And January is classically noticeable with its resolutions.

How were your arrests? You stopped in Gari. Hygiene would probably not be the end of it.
She was not a gar, it was a basement apartment where the two of us and later the first employee. Of course, from the first day, the Sttn Agricultural and Food Inspectorate has been demanding, and we have been careful about this since the arrest.

Today we have production halls and several warehouses, writing quality and processing processes. As for hygiene, just before the days we had an audit and we were on the verge of a star. We were proud of ourselves. But we have to knock it, we have always managed hygienic regulations without all the sweat.

Did you have to invest a lot in the arrest?
Definitely yes. Our families invested in us at the arrest and killed our disputes in the evening. And then for a few years, we always invested everything we spent so that we could move forward. Te u ns Mixit iv and iv i destky naich zamstnanc.

How many employees do you have? Do you pay time? What about benefits?
Employees, brigdns and various partners have over a hundred, according to the list. And the benefits are clearly discounts for our mothers (smch). For this purpose, we always dream of getting the most out of it, also in all positions where it is possible, employees have the opportunity to set their working hours, for people in offices we take home office as a common thing. We just want them to work with them for a long time, because the whole company is very much based on loyalty and a passion for common things. We know that the best employee is the one who has the same job as us.

How full are you in the future?
We are plunging into the European markets. Just in the dark, who it will be. It is true that, unlike arrests, we do not even go to sweat alone. But under here we will taste new samples daily, select tube designs and run daily operations.

When did you start, hate, or fulfill that one day you would have a hundred employees?
When we started, we oscillated between the fact that we can’t get out of the shops in the studio and after a gigantic full, that Mixit will be available all over the world (laughter). We were full and modest. Every goal we wanted to achieve has always been that Mixit will be self-sufficient and will keep us alive and entertained. And we have achieved that. After work, darkness is allowed after work and it is not compensated for the day.

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