They started with one old tractor, today they have a turnover of ten million

It never occurred to anyone that only three members of the family took care of two hundred bk and cows and cultivated 250 hectares of land. ij and do business in a small village in Fdecko-Mstecko and started from scratch. Today, their ron turnover is in the millions. Only tyiaticetilet Pemysl Motika simple in how to do it.

When and where was the birth of a family farm born?
Our farm was founded by my family in 1995. We rented in Hornch Toanovice, where he had a house and about two hectares of land. That’s when we bought pt bk.

And what was dl?
For some time we decided that when we have tch pt bk, you don’t have ten for them. And so we gradually bought them and to the day when there are two hundred of them.

But it probably wasn’t possible on two hectares of blankets. So what did the development look like in terms of pastures and stables?
In Domaslavice, where we live, we gradually bought a large-capacity cowshed from JZD and gradually bought pastures and meadows. At that time, in the nineties, the people were glad that their land would be fallowed by their land, so we gradually spread in this direction as well. Today we farm on 250 hectares, of which five are naich.

It was the same with the old cow. It was huge and when you were only twenty bk, the water froze in the winter. We therefore had to fill it with the sweat of the invitation, which we bought to make it warmer there. Simply everything had its gradual development.

It was the same with the old cow. It was huge and when you were only twenty bk, the water froze in the winter. We therefore had to fill it with the sweat of the invitation, which we bought to make it warmer there. Simply everything had its gradual development.

I can’t imagine that on such a large area and with such a sweat to invite, manage it only within the family, ie in those people.
We currently have machines that have state-of-the-art technology, as well as what even a tractor didn’t do in a day, today it can play one spade machine in an hour.

I can’t help but ask where you got it all.
When we started, we literally put everything on our knees. We bought you an old tractor and repaired it. And so it went around. The number of repaired old agricultural machines was increasing and we eventually replaced them with the most modern ones. Everything was done gradually, of course we had to take a loan or buy it on lease.

And how do you have agricultural machinery, who operates it?

These are ac combinations, a combine harvester, a thyrotor rake, a tedder or a combi, where bales of hay are compressed and wrapped in a bottle in one operation. So last year we were the first in the republic to self-collector from ANDERSON RBM. This unique model works fully in automatic mode when collecting bales. We operate the machines ourselves, everything can be learned.

What about vs subsidies? dte on?
Obas yes, but it’s not that simple. It has to be filled in enough and then it is known whether they will knock it or not. It’s so padest to padest. As for ns, we got some subsidy, but there wasn’t much.

Do you have any employees who would help you?We can do this by helping them change machines themselves, and thanks to the fact that we do not have employees, we can invest in new technologies. I used to sell agricultural machinery for some time, so I’ve been familiar with this issue for some time. And he gave a reason, for the employees we do not have, it is also that the fact that the light shines into the hands of some tracks of the combine, without even causing the code, is quite a risk.

What do you keep?

Let’s raise cattle for feed and then meat-type blood, which are the ones that do not milk, because all calves and calves drink everything silently. When the breastfed reaches a weight of 350 kilograms, wean from the mothers and start feeding. Once they have about one ton, we will take them to the slaughterhouse.

Today, there is a lot of talk about various drastic methods of slaughter, where the invites are forced to serve. How do you do that?
It bothers me a lot, which is one of the reasons why we go to the slaughterhouse with very good ones and we can still relax with them there. We definitely don’t beat them or push them into the box, we do everything we can to be there voluntarily. Sometimes it takes a long time, but when there is no one, the other goes. We don’t want stress hormones in our meat.

When will I be killed in the slaughterhouse, then what happens?
After cooling, we will take the meat in quarters in a special refrigerated dog to a store with cutting meat, which we built six years ago. At that time, we were the first in the district of Frdek-Mstek, who had a cutting mill. Let’s sell the meat to the store to people who are used to riding for it.

What does it look like on a working day?
The food is fed for about three hours, the sweat is prepared according to the need for mechanization to work in the field, in the afternoon it is fed again for about two hours. Depending on the period, we either sow, seed or slide and press the bales. There is enough and enough on the farm.

Has your coronavirus pandemic affected your business?Yes, she sent us a lot. It could be honored that the beef market has completely collapsed. The purchase price fell from three hundred crowns per kilogram to thirty thousand crowns. The slaughterhouse grew meat to buy, no wonder the wheels and restaurants were closed for a long time. Perhaps it will get better, even if the virus starts spreading around us again.

How much meat did you sell this year?
This year I took them to the slaughterhouse seven hundred.

In addition to pastures, you also farm in the fields. What do you grow?
These are cereals for our needs, as a pre-crop for the purchase we grow sej and so hoici, which we process. This year, hoice from our fields will also be available as an area for meat.

During the coronavirus crisis, I noticed that you sold meat for a good word. When I bought it there, you only gave me a pension with the weight of the pension. Were you not afraid that you would not be able to take the pension from some?
Well, we risked it. We don’t have to go to a payment terminal, and because we didn’t want paper and metal pensions to be handled, we did it this way. And they all paid. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t sell them meat.

You have two sons, how do you handle it all?
It’s cool, guys both help me. Manelka even goes to work. We have a division here on the farm. While the jam is born with old lands and animals, the wife is in the shop, where she sells meat several times a week. On the other hand, you can choose yours, especially in that there is only some permission for me.

Can you reveal in ron turnover?
It is around ten million, but it is only a turnover and due to the fact that we still invest, the profit is significantly lower.

Do you have anything full in the future, will you be excited?
Last year, we built a new stj meeting new welfare standards. So now we have everything we need. As for the land, u nen n nowhere to move, put pda u here nen. In the future, we would like to invite meat production.

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