They started an apartment business, today the family business has three thousand employees

The Czech family company SSI Group was established at a time when we did not know mobile phones and the business environment of the 1990s was quite wild. Pesto, Vclav Vodrek, together with his son Jan and other members of the family, managed to move her by a little longer every year. This year, the security agency celebrates 30 years of operation on the market.

Private companies, which have risen from generation to generation, were no exception to them in our two. Only this tradition has been petrhna for several years. It was not easy to follow her after 1989. It gradually and quite stormy. Therefore, there are not so many companies that developed these wild arrests.

And those who would remain in the hands of the original founders or their descendants for the next few days are to go to me. But there is. Among the SSI Group was founded in the autumn of 1990 by Vclav Vodrka. Three years later, his son also worked inside. At that time, the company was a classic security agency with people and was called Special Service.

Today, SSI Group is still a family business, just a big deal. Provides comprehensive IFM services (pozn. red. Integrovan Facility Management), ie security, gossip, energy and peace of real estate, m about 3 thousand employees and ron turnover exceeds one billion crowns. The head of the company is Jan Vodrka, the son of the company’s founder.

You are a large but family business, you have been on the market for 30 years. How were your business’s arrests at the time of the coup?
The arrests were made, we had no experience with private companies. So there were no mobile phones, not even an extraordinary situation from the building, mud employees to shifts and the like were called to our house. More than once, he woke up with a landline on his ear. And it was not easy even in terms of the segment in which we did business, ie security. Several times we got into a situation where we were forced to arm our land.

Many entrepreneurs have failed to succeed in such an environment. Vm yes. emu do you write it?
We have gained the reputation of a company that is always full of its bundles and can do something for clients to go for something extra. Gradually, we managed to work out among the most sought-after security agencies in the Czech Republic.

A number of family businesses are sold because there is no one to buy them. But it worked out in vs. How was your trip to the family business?
I joined the company in 1994. I used to go to the bike, but in the end I preferred to work for the company and finished my studies. I enjoyed everything on the march. The company then had about 50 employees. I remember as today, seven in the kitchen in Bevnov, it was our first office, and long schedules of shifts, sand pensions, prepare employment contracts and pay for the money. I provided nbor, controlling, glued gaps where needed. There was nothing I couldn’t do.

But this company could only work for years, right?
It is true. As our company grew, I revered that we needed clear rules to work so that we could work with other clients while adhering to the standard and quality of service in their existing ones. I devoted myself to a certain number of processes, guidelines, standards, in short, what was needed to start a functioning company. Among other things, common sense helped him. Thanks to that, we started to slowly develop the business, and we developed it to the bottom.

How did the company run from the old to the young generation?
It was absolutely natural and continuous, I wouldn’t even call it before. When I joined the company, she was only the third year in the world. Basically, we built together. As clear as it was, this son was his son.

Is it possible to go to a father running a company?
I think that it will be about 17 years since this company did not actively participate in the company, but it is still an important part of it. He is, among other things, the best friend and also a mentor, not only for me, but also a lot of other people in the company.

And what did someone give from the family?
We had it, yes. In my company, I worked for my grandfather, uncle, aunt, brother, cousin, ie a whole host of family members. Last but not least, there are a lot of people who have been in companies for 15, 20 or even 25 years and work directly in the management or operation. I don’t want it to sound like a key, but I also take it as a family.

When you’re like a family in private and at work, isn’t that a little too much?
Nen. I think that because of the fact that we are a family, we know a long time and we don’t have to give a meeting for a meeting, so it works great and works. It’s great that we can talk about things at any time and we don’t have to worry about whether it’s evening, morning or weekend.

Do you run a company in your own way, or do you start company traditions as set by your father?
Literally and literally, it’s a combination of both. The tradition and history of each company is party. The values ​​set by my tta are the status quo. But, of course, it is important to follow the bottom of the market and adapt the development of the company to its size. Today we are among the companies that set new trends and directions in the field. I dare even read that a number of corporate companies describe from us.

Today, you have about 3,000 employees, and you consider yourself a family business. What leads to this?
We are a family business. In my opinion, a mutual coherence is important. It’s not just about working hours, let’s stay together and free and keep it up. We know each other and we can call, scold or cry at any time.

According to vs family companies, what is the position on the labor market at present?
This cannot be clearly understood, very badly on how the company is set up. When it comes to a family business that operates on the principle of the so-called one man show, it may not always be the time, but when it comes to a family business, which may have rules and processes and at the same time be able to respond flexibly to market needs or according to my opinion on the market works in a certain way.

In your opinion, what is the advantage of a family company over a corpse?
And see. In compactness, coherence, culture, in the pull of Brno. We are flexible and able to make quick decisions. Vc nm on the client and at a time done badly.

How is your experience, are customers inclined to family companies not in the past?
This is a terrible individual. For some clients, it doesn’t matter what kind of IFM service provider in their buildings, for example, only the low price is decisive for them. But then there are clients who are really wrong with the way they manage their portfolio and are often a family business. Especially the elements of flexibility and then whenever there is a problem, they can take the phone and call the owner. On the other hand, as a family business, we have to keep up with large global corporations in order to satisfy all the needs and demands of the client. That is why we are constantly investing in the purchase of new technologies, expanding our portfolio of services and the like.

What area are your clients from?
We take care of shopping centers, retail chains, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing and logistics areas, apartment areas, SVJ and more.

Shopping centers and hotel chains are the fields that are perhaps the most affected due to the measures associated with coronavirus pandas. Has it affected the whole situation around covid-19 in your business?
Urit yes, our clients include 42 hotels and around 50 shopping centers. Of course, we see that the codes will be known, but we can not go at this time. We are working to prepare a number of controversial measures for our clients to make this period as easy as possible for them.

How do you see the functioning of your company in five months and the year and a year? Do you think it will have to change?
Yes. But I want to be positive about that. From the point of view of the labor market and employment, the period was unstoppable. I see a great deal of trouble in optimizing the operation of real estate, which uses our services and must use in the future. We are able to automate a number of processes with the help of smart devices and thus reduce the cost of operations, increase the value of the buildings. Uetme and percentage plates in operating costs. In this regard, the market changes.

How do you look for such possibilities of disputes in operating costs?
We have one fundamental philosophy. We dream of each individual object twenty as if it were n. In practice, this means that we want the best and most effective een and at the same time not pay everything, it is not you.

Do you think that the current situation could burden the family company in the future? that they could more than twice prefer eskm slubm aproduct?
I think so. It is really very important how any company is to do it. Let us not look at ourselves at this moment. I will give an example. On March 16, 2020 at 10 o’clock we convened the crisis of SS SSI Group, the main focus of you was the whole operation and the whole business. By April 20, the entire portfolio of our existing clients was completely audited, so that we would be able to specifically design such technological as well as other measures and measures that bring at least 20 percent of disputes on the expense of our services. There must also have been price calculations, including their financing by the bank. Some disputes have reached the limit and 35 percent.
So we completely voluntarily reduce our turnover volumes, but we know that it will help our clients. We do not report our own property, like other foreign companies, we have a turnover and profit for us, we can come and react individually.

Will it affect the number of jobs?
Unfortunately, reducing the sweat of our employees, for example, will be a necessity. Minimal doasn. From a long-term perspective, we are not yet able to determine how far society will be affected by the impacts of covid-19.

We return to the core of your business. The basis of your services are security services. Under the darkness, most people probably imagine free security. But the reality is probably different, eh?
It depends. On the one hand, it is still true that the quality of security services will always be committed to the quality of your employees, at all levels, including security guards. In this respect, there is probably the biggest difference on the market between large established companies and those names that do not have a quality management structure and set up processes.

And zt kind of party?
For a long time, security services are not just about security, it is a whole complex activity, without which the service could not be a quality provider. So it wants so many more customers, even with regard to the still current security threats such as cyber flows and much more. That’s how intelligent intelligence comes into play.

Security guards therefore still have an irreplaceable role to play. But I think their work is not always fully appreciated?
You are right. I admit that this general view is very cold and for a long time it cannot be changed in public. At the same time, all our employees take care of the safety of thousands of our fellow citizens on a daily basis. I get daily information from the operational form of information about the attack on our employees when guarding the property of our customers. Flows through ironworks, defensive sprays, and even noi are no exception. Unfortunately, the aggression of the people has been growing every year, and the work of our colleagues is more and more difficult.

Where would you like to go in the future?
To consolidate all the activities that can be offered within the facility management. We will implement in house with our own people. After all, this is also the reason why we recently expanded the company to include an energy division. In addition, we would like to expand more to the surrounding countries within the Visegrad region. Let’s operate it in Slovakia for the sixth year, in Hungary we founded the company last year.

And how do you see in the future before the company gave a generation in the family?
Very optimistic, mm dv children Vaka and Aniku. My closest colleagues, including those of the family, are so holy and firm that many of them will be good at their families. (laughs).I would be very happy if we could involve them in the life of the company and at the same time you in the management. However I will always prefer them to choose the path themselves, I will ask them to take over the company one day.

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