They didn’t lock up, and a thief robbed them during a nap. What to do to get insurance

dn bytovch zlodj narst. Kadoron robs thousands of households. It can also happen to those who are very careful. Be careful that thieves do not get into the apartment through an open window, otherwise you will have a connection problem.

“Thieves last week we stole when we slept. I forgot to turn the key in a mess. Natst was probably frightened by the flashing lights of the turned off alarm and they didn’t search much. But they took my laptop, ”Jan from Prague describes his 35-year-old experience.

“It was up to us when we poured the cottage looted on the weekend. In confusion, we called the fire brigade instead of the police. When we found out what the thieves took away, we didn’t realize that a few other things had disappeared. We drank and added to that, ”said Jaromr from Praskho Ikov, 52 years old.

Slammed doors can be easily baked

The cases hive and break into the apartment multiply, hls bond. “In the intermittent year, we record a forty percent drop in VAT. Thieves take in what they have some value and what can be sold immediately. Valuables, electronics, optics and sports equipment, such as bicycles, ”points out Ji Cvka from Generali Pojiovna.

The day thief increases with the onset of summer and holidays, when apartments and family houses stay several days a week. It is therefore worthwhile to follow the rules that will help you risk the risk of being robbed (read more here).

During the hot summer nights, do not leave the windows even open, through which the apartment could get inside and turn around about valuables while you sleep. In such a case, it is not an insurance event, because the perpetrator did not have to overcome the bottom of the check and you will not receive a crown from the insurance company.

Also, be careful not to lock the door entrances for the night and not just let them slam. “Pekonn won’t stop two thieves in seconds,” warns Cvka. If they steal a connected apartment, it is always necessary to call the police. The payment of insurance codes is conditional on the insurance company in each case.

Make a list of what’s lost

Do not move with him until the police drive. If you have previously presented a list of all valuables, including photo documentation, and have it at home in a safe place, prepare it for a police officer who will arrive at your place (for a good list, there is a valuable list, read here).

Along with the shelf, which instead of a different regard, time to map out what all the errors. The list of stolen items is seized during the police investigation. Tell the police about the price of the stolen subject.

“It’s good to see your own photo documentation of how the nice thieves baked to get inside. Whether they drank the door, broke the crack and broke the window, ”recommends Milan Ka from Kooperativa. “If the bakery did not go well, the insurance company would not be covered in such a case,” adds Tom Zavoral from Direct pojiovny.

“If, at first glance, it is not clear how the thief got into the apartment, for example, he opened two openings or would not damage them, professional expertise is necessary for the procedure. Sometimes the police gave it to them automatically, so we recommend requesting expertise. Don’t pay for it, the bite is settled, ”recommends Vclav Blek from esk pojiovny. Disputes can also end up in court.

It is better not to try insurance fraud

The police officer told you how much police department you had to go to to write a report on the criminal report on the perpetrator who broke into you. You will not forget to take a copy of this document, you will need it to report the insurance event. This can be reported by phone or via the Internet formula, which is usually connected.

When liquidating an insurance event, the insurance company always relies on police reports, so when reporting, you must state how the police department investigates the case and under what number. For the insurance company, prepare a list of stolen vc with their price. It must be in accordance with the list provided to the police. Pojiovny, check it out.

Do not pay yourself to lie, overestimate the loss or add to the list things that the thieves did not take away. Insurance companies have confirmed this in the fight against fraud (tte vce here). It is ideal to prove those invoices and other evidence that you have stolen valuables and actually owned them.

Report the reported loss to the police first

If you find out that thieves have stolen and given things, you can fix it. According to the Czech speaking company, even and until the years after the insurance event. It’s a good thing not to wear. A long time since the burglary expires, the credibility of the proof of decline and insurance companies are of course obese.

With the additional report of stolen things, it is necessary to go to the police again, where you complete the original report. Then copy the supplement to the connection.

As a rule, within two months from the krdee, you will receive a resolution from the police as to whether the thief managed to find out or the case was closed and the perpetrator remained unknown. You must deliver this document again. In this way, the entire insurance event ends in about two and five days.

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