They consider the IT field to be the most attractive to young people. Not just for pensions

Handed over the stick to the middle wheel with bl. And even if it seems like a decision for life, many make your choice to study while studying. One of the most attractive fields that young people choose today is IT.

Nineteen-year-old Tom graduated from breeding in the middle agricultural field. But he knew this wasn’t it. More than practice on the farm, he was interested in the programming circle.

We had a great teacher who was passionate about my potency, k. At first, as a brigadier, he gained experience on small projects and after graduation he joined a company that makes custom web pages. I have fun with the invitations, but I will probably keep it as a nice ending. Working on the pot is in the first place for me at the moment, Tom praises his new name.

Hundreds of high school and college graduates have fascinated information technology so much that they have been selected as the most attractive field by Randstad Employer Brand Research. The team of 150 evaluated 150 private companies not only in terms of attractiveness and reputation of the employer, but they were also interested in salary, benefits, career prospects, use of the latest technologies and work.

Information technology has long been one of the fields that pay people for a long time and is a number of above-standard benefits. The reason is mainly due to the high demand of companies over the supply of vacancies and the resulting fight for people, including Albta Honsov, marketing manager of personnel consulting company Randstad.

Paradoxically, this will reduce the number of experts who will achieve a university degree in IT. Thousands of students graduate or pursue university studies in order to engage in lucrative job offers.

Companies hunting able to help at secondary vocational schools and are willing to invest in their further development had no means. As a graduate of information technology graduates, they have sufficient professional knowledge and financial independence, and in their continuing studies at the university they do not see any sense, points out Martin Vodika, director of Private Secondary Schools, including technology in Prague.

According to him, in the last five years, the demand of companies for secondary school graduates has grown tenfold. IT support, an IT administrator or a manual tester are a typical example of positions in which middle-aged students join companies with the right substitution or knowledge. In addition, a thorough knowledge of programming can now be acquired or expanded through a series of online courses, many of which are currently covered by IT companies themselves, explains Albta Honsov.

Mdia are in

The surprise of the research are media fields. Secondary education is considered to be the second most attractive area after IT, the university is an aunt. The reason is mainly the dynamic environment, the emphasis on the latest trends and professional development, and the very interesting job position that the men offer offers the results of the Honsov.

This is not a newspaper work itself. According to data from the high rounds where urnal studies is being studied, interest in the field has declined. The positions are popularly associated with the creation of digital and audiovisual content, marketing and social networks, as well, Honsov explains.

According to them, these professions also extend to IT, but in a creative environment, not as is common in traditional IT companies. The most popular positions include programmers and developers, experts in IT security and digital marketing, notes Honsov.

For example, e-commerce lk typically people under the age of thirty. It is no exception that a hunter with a two-year experience, who recently left Brno high, sometimes even a middle lap, works in a managerial position. Milenilov is looking for a job that will fill them and give them a deep sense, not just a regular income, to Pavlna Zbojnkov from the company Online People.

Quick pull up

However, information technology is not only developed by companies and the media, but they have also progressively entered other fields. And more are used in other areas of work, so it is palpable.

For example, quite a young field, such as business services, peskoil in the attractiveness of the supply of banks, telecommunications and the automotive industry. Business services include a wide range of industries and specializations from finance through IT and development to HR and marketing. They were particularly interested in high-school students, who make up the vast majority of their employees, Honsov says.

According to the ABSL association, which in the Czech Republic associates companies in the field of business services, today there are 112 thousand employees in this sector, of which the quarters have a university degree. The industry is still integrated with IT, enabling people to work with the latest technologies and investing heavily in the education and development of their people. The training programs are one of the important arguments for accepting job offers and at the same time for the development of career with existing employers, comments Jonathan Appleton, director of ABSL.

Last year, SAP Services, which provides personnel and financial services, succeeded in attracting people through a career process as well as a benefit. We started to promote vacancies internally. We thus offered our employees a wide range of educational opportunities so that they can prepare for new roles and career growth in time, says Lenka Pospilov, HR Business Partner at SAP Services, about the fight for employees.

Each employee of this company will receive a new so-called Total Reward Statement, which is a summary of payments, bonuses, cash and non-cash benefits and employee promotions. It turned out that people often neglected one-time financial rewards and various benefits when assessing their conditions, adds Pospilov.

The defenders are also hunting in the competition

The most attractive employers have reacted to the labor market to go with one novelty of new reinforcement hunting among its working people, often in demand even in competition.

It is interesting that if a new employer can offer an attractive job to a college student and a better working atmosphere than the existing one, he usually does not have to raise the salary sharply. On the other hand, if a newcomer accepts an offer thanks to workload, prospects for the future, he most likely intended to stay with the company for some time, Honsov remarked.

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