They are rich, but the spring has dried up. About retiring with a psychologist

Psychologist Tom Morvek will meet very rich people and those who have deep pockets and are out of work. He looked into the problems of people and advice on how to solve a life situation. In an open conversation, people want to have a nice and real relationship with others.

“Most people are ambitious, we want to be rich and famous, we want it from childhood. Related to this is the issue of pensions. Pensions are a ticket to the world of wealth and power, hundreds in the penny are not enough. Therefore, ambitious people laugh where it is possible to pay a large pension. On the other hand, it leads to confusion about what the people are able to do and sacrifice for the pension. Not only short-term, but also long-term, ”said psychologist Tom Morvek.

Do people love pensions for the people?
Thus, all people have a positive attitude towards pensions. km, because the people are marked by spiritual exchange, their property and pensions are treated at a different level. For the vast majority of the population, bag pensions are significant, and we want it or not. But it’s about how we value the pension, how we care and what to do with them in terms of personality.

How do emotions evoke in our pension?
Pensions are usually associated with nm very pivivmm. Physical contact with the pension improves mood. When we hold in our hands a lot of pensions, it evoked positive emotions in us.

How can pensions affect a hunter’s personality?
Pensions affect the current mood, for impulsive people it affects, for example, the decision-making on purchases, the vision of profit. It also has a long-term effect. We have more retirement, so we are optimistic and satisfied. But it is not vn prbh. Explain it on the floor. When you have 40 thousand on a free dog, it can be assumed that you will be slightly satisfied, not when you have 20 thousand. When you are 80 thousand, satisfaction will increase, because you will have to drive less worries. And when you have 200 thousand, it will be different for me. There are people who are rich and stupid neastn.

Are they neastn when they can dopt anything? S m se vm svuj?
Enter the feelings and relationships of emptiness, and that emptiness needs to be sealed by giving yourself full of dreams. Buy, for example, put a new huge car with a huge consumption, to show that they have it. They have a huge dm, a wife and a mistress. It is written on the business card that they are the owner of companies or something similar. Doshli veho, po em toume and what is valuable from the point of view of musk society. For example, they can afford to fly golf on a private plane and they are in a society that can reach the richest people. Pesto of them read the bloody sadness and often hopelessness.

What about the mistakes of such rich people, what problems will they encounter?
Mostly in conversations we get to have problems in relationships. And, with their wealth, they grew confident that they were satisfied with their arrest, that they could inquire. The bag gradually became more charged. I wish that the source of the dough has dried up and they cannot be filled, while the others have had enough.

What do you advise them to do?
Just like the others. It’s all about looking at ourselves what correction we want in life, how our values ​​are actually.

And what do we really want?
People want to have nice and real relationships with others.

Can very rich people really establish relationships?
They have it complicated first in that they are rich. And the worst thing is when they are rich and also known. Then establish relationships where you do not know the reason why someone admires and wants to meet you. In such situations, it is important to reassemble your values ​​and find real relationships. Most of the rich people then cling to the relationships they had before dark, not get rich.

In your practice, also meet entrepreneurs who had to lay off their employees, do some suffer?
The dismissal is always unpleasant and usually touches the owner of smaller companies. They all realize that they have given people work and they will not be paid for them. Also, consider that they would like to join. But there are also those who don’t care.

If someone gets a lot of money, how should it be?
When a hunter gets, for example, a million crowns, I think he won’t go crazy from it and so on. But there is more to the factor that plays a role. This is the difference when the pension is obtained gradually, for example work, or when it comes to them at once. Then so badly at how that personality is matured and prepared to work with wealth. Michal Horek, one of the richest people working on himself, is an example of that, he has been able to work with wealth. But you can’t see that. When a hunter gets a really large pension, he is most endangered socially.

What exactly does that mean?
If I earn a few million crowns, the most immediate relations with the immediate surroundings can be found. They will either wait, either hidden or open, to get something out of it. And probably prove that the executioner says, “You’re not what you used to be.” In order to spend my pension, I have to change my way of life. I will indulge in wealth. Only a few who get a lot of money will go to the same job or go on the same vacation.

Do they belong to the nations who are very curious?
There is a lot of talk and discussion about whether it is a matter of national nature. But I can’t compare. I just know that this social social stereotype has a lot of birth.

Do you often meet in your practice with people who see others that they have more pensions and they are wrong?
Yes, and big me. But it’s great when a hunter can realize and name it, because then I can work with it. Zvist and its shade are to some extent natural. When, for example, he will have a shower, you will ask him, but there will also be a question, for example, twenty percent of weights of the type: “For him and not j”. And to do something with you.

How did you compare your heads so that she wouldn’t mess with them?
Growth is a manifestation of one’s own dissatisfaction. If the hunter doesn’t see it, tell him about how he works with himself, how he builds his career, how he is satisfied with his relationships, with his surroundings and close. It is a manifestation of a stable personality that the hunter laughs at when he would not pay for others. When people are involved in various traps all their lives and they don’t give up, they tend to see others. It’s a logical expression. If such a hunter wants to do something about it, he has to switch to building his own shower.

This is practical advice, but sometimes it is tk.
From their experience, however, people have any starting conditions, the vast majority of them have a shower in their hands. It’s just a matter of what the shower is about. It doesn’t have to be just karirn spch. I also rush that the hunter has a harmonious, beautiful, open and meaningful relationship around him. spchem is what saturates our life satisfaction.

The people who drank their pensions also come to your counseling center because they have lost their jobs. How do you feel about yourself?
First of all, it is an existential uncertainty. Then it is an immense feeling of failure. Even though they received an invitation for which they could not, because it was due to you for administrative reasons, despite what they did wrong, they had more to come with. Wrap yourself in objective difficulties. When they are not a few at the age of two and do not have X acquaintances who start projects that could include them, the few cities spent at home are then sharply filled with pessimism and emptiness.

How to get out of such consideration, what do you recommend?
Reality therapy. As a therapist, I asked myself what could be done at that moment. And whether to do anything else so that it could be ponauen for pt. As a rule, we come to the conclusion that it was impossible to do anything, that it was not their fault. As it turns out, most people are out of sight of reality and fear that nothing will gain it in life. It is normal to wrap them up to a certain extent, it has a bag with its limits. When the hunter realizes this, then he will make his own reality, set his goals and rub against reality.

One of the realities is the path to work. For many people, it’s a bag that put stress.
Yes, in stress, about 80 percent of people evaluate this situation as unpleasant. Think of it as a social debacle. Wonder how unpleasant they were on them. Most of the dishes are quite cool and not unpleasant.

If the hunter is working, should you weigh the scales so that he could lose it?
I think so. It’s not reasonable to get nervous every day. It is necessary to consider the reality, ie according to the probability that it could happen that the hunter is prepared for what he would do at that moment.

When will the pension take place, what does it mean for vs?
I never grumbled over it, I always grind for the others. But I probably won’t be different. When pensions are, they mean the opportunity to enjoy pleasant things. And when you can’t, there are complications and there are no pensions, they are worries.

How much pension do you usually carry in your wallet?
We carry high voltage up to a thousand crowns. I prefer to pay by credit card or not for. It occurs to me that I don’t have to carry such cash with me. Although I read from practice that people spend more with a payment card, because pensions are not material in the payment card.

Do you belong to the ones that spend more, or are you a bit of a Harpagon and prefer an ette?
I think that you are going to lose. That he was able to mt macroekonomov joy, protoe nco vydlm, and what I will pay for this and a moderate loss (smh).

Without pensions today, life has been more difficult and less than two in pensions. What, in your opinion, can you never buy for a pension?
Real relationships.

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