they also ended up in the Silesian financial test as vigilantes. And how this year?

Aunt ech is convinced that I can spend the pension for a very long time, and many have a very high financial confidence. In a financial test of financial knowledge of people in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and America, they did not turn out very long, we ended up in the top three.

Losk’s international study by ING Pojiovny showed that the financial knowledge of them is not yet very good. A total of 79 percent of the population of the Czech Republic has little or only basic financial knowledge and financial experts are only five percent of the people.

Nejvt problmy maj ei se spoenm a vry

The paradox is that we swim in knowledge, which concerns, for example, the spoen itself. “Only 43 percent of the financial test managed to spend the years correctly, and it is a basic financial product for which knowledge was multiplied,” said Renata Mrzov, CEO of ING Pojiovny.

We don’t even understand too much time. Only 46 percent of the people in the tests that tested their knowledge of the willow did. “We are afraid of ourselves and let’s face the inability to take care of ourselves and the needs of others. therefore, we often do not even forget about the detailed conditions of the loan, ”notes Mrzov.

We do not have Japanese knowledge in financial knowledge

The surprising result of the test is that economic distance is not a guarantee of good financial knowledge. The people knew the economy because they were more than the most financially distant respondents.

In comparison, the knowledge of him and one, but clearly among those who gained excellent knowledge in the test, was 72 percent. The intergenerational battle in financial knowledge was then won by the age group of 2034 years, in which 44 percent of respondents achieved excellent results.

In ot

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Although we have a relatively high financial self-confidence and consider ourselves to be relatively capable financiers, compared to the 12 nations of Europe, America and Asia, this is not the case. We finished and on the 10th mst. He was led only by Mexians and Slovaks. On the contrary, the Japanese, Indians and Koreans are the best in finance.

“I feel that financial literacy is the same as with different diets, so that everyone is only involved during the period when it is different. Everyone talk about it, the project is like a mushroom for children, but only this is a darkness from a long-term perspective. The results are then as they are, ”he said, asking Patrik Nacher, an expert, who is still so bad about it.

Help change and improve the financial literacy of them

However, Finann’s knowledge of ech can be changed for the better. Help change the financial literacy of the nation. The test with six questions was prepared by the Bankovn server in cooperation with From April 20, you can test your financial knowledge, learn a lot and win a HTC Explorer mobile phone. So far, three thousand Czechs have taken part in the test. You can find the rules of the competition here.

There is no time limit for completing the test, when you will not be sure of the exact answer, you can study the darkness gradually. For example, you can find help here. One smart phone winner will be drawn from the author of the correct answers on and the Bankovn website. You can reply until May 31, 2012. The winner will first receive the e-mail, so it is necessary to have the current address entered in the MjPas loyalty system.

We will publish the first answers and after the competition. As a result, let’s prepare a unique analysis, which shows that they can do the most and what they can do without problems. We are also going to ask selected politicians the selected questions. We then compare their answers with that knowledge.

Do you increase your financial knowledge?

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