There is no answer to anything to the test winner

It was not at all easy to answer all 60 questions of the financial literacy megatest. Ann Pytlkov from Holov took several days with the plants. She honestly searched for and verified the answers on the Internet. It paid off for her, first she became the winner of a smartphone.

From Holov to plzesk, the MF DNES editorial staff, accompanied by manela, drank a smart mobile phone. And according to his words, he will really use it. Its poor appearance at first glance unbelievable, only it is real.

Pestoe u is 17 years old in retirement, he doesn’t know it at all. Anna Pytlkov is a cheerful, energetic senior who has no complacency. It takes a lot of time on the Internet, where you, ptr, search and especially the competition. And so, first and foremost, the experience and knowledge of long, dark young people. That would be business. I lay down and stood up to the soul, “cheerfully and her husband adds, ei choose a holiday only where there is” wifina “.

How did you find out about the test?
Where else, not on the Internet. I like to compete so I can actively search for various tests and quizzes myself. I specifically found out about this one on a discussion server. You don’t have to work in the field today and you can find everything on the Internet whenever you want. But this test was nronj. I just am such a character that I don’t like it and I go for it.

Did you get everything?
But no way. I got something, I wasn’t sure somewhere, she didn’t get anything at all. But I also checked the answers, where at first I was sure I would. I want it first and don’t rest until I find it.

How long did it take me?
For a long time, I didn’t do it for just one day, I would go crazy from it. I printed out the questions and gradually found the answers and then only clicked out at once. The total time spent nemm, but I devoted myself to it for a few days. Vdy was as. These are other contests where I have to answer quickly. You need 12 questions per minute, then you don’t even have to grind the question.

Dlaly vm nkter otzkyextra problmy?
I didn’t think so much, I wasn’t sure.

What teba?
It was vc. There were some shortcuts and problems with international payments. Or that’s what banks make the most profits. It also forced me to stumble and grind, you questions like how long I have to write for years. I think I’ve used myself a lot. And maybe I’ll remember that.

I think you have passed our test. Not to headlessly guess, but to look for the right answers while using. And so she disproved some of the opinions that the test was tk and only for experts in the field.What to do with the game?
J u one smart cell phone mm, but this one is better. So I keep it and I give my star to my grandson.

With Anna Pytl
Anna Pytl

Anna Pytlkov and her husband won the main prize in the financial literacy test.

Covs to potai and the internet brought?
I used to live, I drank a long time ago, but then I broke my leg, couldn’t come and stayed at home. And because I can’t do anything, I tried the sweat. At first I despised the Internet, but then I didn’t give up. I didn’t get into it, I suffered a lot. But I didn’t give up. U umm i upload photos.

To vs nkdo uil?
No no, I’m alone. I’m such a curious type and I have to try everything and don’t rest until I know it. In addition, in the Internet discussions, I have a lot of people meeting how to do it. And then I got into such discussion groups, where they compete and there are two links. I’ll answer daily and heat up too. Sometimes he had, but in t prices. But I have to honor that I didn’t win my mobile phone. I compete the most at full moon, so I walk back around the plano rno.

And what about the dog a day?
(Sit by the pot, vote with a smile manel).

Well, some contests start and end in a certain hour, so I have to look for it. There was one where I had to answer for hours, I even had a booth. When new people or children come, I don’t want to turn on, but it gives me a lot of work.

And you’ve always been so compassionate?
I always fluted metal, sudoku, sailed various quizzes. I don’t live on gossip, I enjoy radizasoutm with similar “disabilities” on the Internet. I go to different discussions and there we inform and advise each other. I know that there are also a lot of young people who can’t get a job, so compete and then sell those prices so that they can live.

Who runs finance at home?
Let’s agree together, not one is a leader. I have always taken care of the savings, construction, pensions and the maintenance costs of the household.

Pouvteelektronick bankovnictv?
J yes, manel no. I persuaded him, only onnechce. But because I make all the payments, it doesn’t matter. We will then withdraw the pension from the ATM for bn nkupy here. We will not use the card much for payments.

Do you have an overview of how much money you spend?
That’s right. Let’s take part in a long-term survey.

And ride a question that I will not forgive with anyone. How to approach pjkm?
J nemm rda pjky. If I don’t have anything, I won’t buy it. (Once we went to Bolevik, we had a drink for the furniture, he remembers Manel). Yes, but we also repaid it within a year. Nemm rda debts.

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