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They can rely on it in times of good and bad. And when the real difficulties come, badly often only on his abilities, how much the company shakes, or whether it will fall full.

In companies, he’s too big. Manaer, owner, f, old, Mr. Jelnek or Prost Mirek. Addressed as often as possible, the relationship with the employees. Somewhere they prefer to get out of the way, elsewhere they follow him with personal problems like a psychologist. Vtina, however, is somewhere in the middle. fm short always the last word. And it’s the expulsion of a lenonho warehouse or drinking orders for hundreds of euros.

However, due to measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic, most Czech companies have stopped living. Don’t worry, don’t sell, the crisis is over, the people don’t know what will last. And it doesn’t matter if the owner had a family business or a manager in a multinational corporation.

It will lead the leadership revolution. In times of crisis, more often than not, people who will be able to show their employees the direction will be able to engage them in a new shared vision and will be supported by a more human being, according to Martina Jandekov, a MgC Group educator.

ct, i nect truth

The wrong way in which the industry operates, not everyone is affected by the same measures. The bag of companies will agree on one thing, you have to deal with people on a level playing field.

Vnmm is that doing business is like piloting an airplane. I am the one who must make the right decision in crisis situations to avoid danger, and at the same time I am responsible for everyone on board. But of course I need the court people, which I am constantly building. Without it, it would not be possible to run a company that operates in eleven European countries with around 10,000 employees to Matj Brta, the general manager of M2C, which provides gossip and security services to the company.

And how do you maintain your credibility even if you don’t sit at home and don’t see it for a few weeks?

Even when we are not in personal contact, I take care of my team and motivate him not to lose heart. Leader must embody values ​​for employees: the people must see that even in complex times, it determines the direction and full vision. The figurative one tried to steer it so that it would pass through the turbulent times, and at the same time the mind for the period after the storm, was offered by the first general director of Uniqa, Martin Martin.

Just after a few weeks of closed operation, it is not just a matter of increasing the number of new employees. That should be easy. Many of them have to prepare people for the unpopular steps of making work, dreaming of pay and work, dismissal, or even closed work.

I recommend that you report unpopular steps immediately. There is nothing hot not to leave employees in uncertainty and doubt. Especially at this difficult time, when a number of people found themselves without work and without income. It would be a nice way to stay above everything, but I would definitely not lie down for the current day, remarked Jaroslav tpn from the company Intrastate. com, which monitors the movement of goods in the European Union. At the same time, however, he admits that even a company can afford to be more personal with employees, deal with them individually. It would probably not be possible in vt companies or corporations, adds Jaroslav tpn.

I would recommend that individuals be tied to the body, because the others would not have to dream for a while, said Petr Patoka from Kyosun, who also.

Notification of unpleasant steps is certainly unavoidable, and it is necessary to make this notification sensitive and explain the situation. Stroh vyden will not send these steps, notes Petr Patoka.

f (not) decides sm

Even if the manager finally has the last word, it does not mean that he is alone in deciding on the next exchange of the company. On the contrary. Many people like to deal with crisis in crisis situations.

I’ve always been surrounded by people I live with. It pays during the period of relative calm, and in a crisis perhaps go all the way. This is, of course, much more complicated when there are many colleagues in the home office, Stphane Nicoletti, CEO of the Czech Republic, which specializes in employee benefits.

Tm is as spn as spn is led, the mind is watched by Martin Jandekov from MgC Group. If I led my team as a leader before the crisis motivated, supported new things and encouraged members of the darkness to be creative, I will definitely not be in a time of crisis! I will have people around me who know the customs together and are motivated to come to it, Jandekov remarked.

Pesto visions from small companies that they founded themselves rely on themselves. I prefer the opportunity to consult with us on the same level, with other owners and the like. The need to decide in the direction, because only I am responsible for my actions and to decide together is only alibis, reveals his view of the woman of the company Jan Skovajsa from the startup myTimi. According to him, he must be as enthusiastic as glass, which behaves stable under many circumstances and is in no hurry. My role as an owner is to remove all the barks so that the gentlemen can do their job first and have fun. This way of zen paid off for me many times, to Skovajsa.

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