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The youngest “thief in law” was imprisoned for 11 years for old cases

Criminal authority Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya (Kuso), who is called the youngest thief in law, was sentenced by the Moscow City Court to 11 years in prison. The grand-nephew of another well-known mafioso, Shakro Molodoy, was reminded of the shooting at a car wash six years ago and heaped up with a relatively new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Occupying a high position in the criminal hierarchy.”

The Moscow City Court sentenced Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya, for shooting at a gas station six years ago

Let us remind you that a year ago Shalva Ozmanov was detained in the Krasnodar Territory and accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Six years ago in Moscow, Kuso shot a car wash administrator in the buttock. At that time, this episode was hushed up thanks to an agreement with the victim. But later there were witnesses to the shot who were ready to confirm their testimony at the trial. In addition, Ozmanov was charged under the “anti-thief” article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. On top of everything else, he had a suspended sentence – two years for illegal carrying of a pistol, with which the “authority” threatened visitors of one of the Krasnodar bars.

Ozmanov’s mother went to almost every court session. The mother of the thief in law had one answer to all the journalists’ questions:

– My son is innocent!

The defense provided the court with a written statement from the victim, which says that Shalva did not shoot him in the buttock.

“We ask to discontinue the criminal case against Ozmanov, since he is innocent of what happened and has nothing to do with it,” the judge read out. – I will not even discuss this statement. He does not join the materials of the case, I will not leave it to myself.

The prosecutor invited an operative, who briefly spoke about how he came to the hospital to the victim to seize an important material evidence – a bullet.

When Ozmanov’s lawyers asked whether he personally removed the bullet, the operative laughed and replied:

– No, doctors helped me.

As for the charges under the “anti-thief” article, the defense of Kusya interpreted this in its own way.

“My client calls himself a thief, not a thief in law,” the lawyer tried to justify Ozmanov.

One way or another, the Moscow State Court sentenced Ozmanov to 11 years in a strict regime.

– Such terms are given to pedophiles. For what 11 years? Now everyone is wearing tattoos, women are wearing tattoos! And now to plant for this? – Kusya’s mother Tamara Petrova was indignant.