The winner of the investment competition valued the allocated capital one hundred times

More than 40,000 people signed up for the Czech-Slovak investment competition. The most traded instrument was oil, followed by the currency against the euro / US dollar. Gold also woke up, losing about $ 155 an ounce during the competition and ending the bird at $ 723 an ounce. Mr. Dmytro evaluated the potent capacity of the chapter by 10,213% and will receive a Porsche for that.

During the competition from 1 to 31 June, the markets experienced high volatility, when, for example, stock markets experienced the highest declines in history and especially world indices reached and reached low levels. Therefore, from the competition, the contestants earned the most on the stock market crashes, such as Mr. Michal from the Illynian region, the best from Slovakia, who spent 12 million Slovak crowns on the Brazilian Bovespa index.

High volatility thus prevailed in the commodity and currency markets. The most traded instrument was oil, followed by the currency against EUR / USD. Soutc was able to force the fall in the price of oil from 102 to 62 USD per barrel, specifically Mr. Dmytro from Prague. Mr. Dmytro valued the potent capital of 200,000 crowns to 20,627,654 crowns. The winners managed to make money in their positions in the competition, so he suffered losses, but in the end he took a risk and was successful – he made decisive profits.

So the best competitor from Slovakia, Mr. Michal, went for oil in addition to Brazilian Bovespy. By the end of the competition, however, he had not been able to hit the leading position from the first week.

The competition speculated that the British pound would fall to the dollar and the Australian dollar to the euro. Both the pound and the Australian dollar fell sharply during the month of June, due to the sale of more years.

Apart from the pound, the Japanese were so popular only on the dollar line. The Australian dollar against the euro traded by Mr Dmytro was not one of the most widely traded. According to the lot, gold was traded, which lost about 155 USD per ounce during the competition and ended the bird at 723 USD per ounce. The decline in commodity prices on world markets has fueled the competition for a strategy of speculation on a decline, or short position, and the former paid off for them. Long positions, or speculation on rising prices, but prevailed. The ratio of long to short was 55 to 45.

The average in competitions was under 30 years. He competed far more than he did, about 80% of him. The best weekly merchants from both the Czech Republic and Slovakia shared 10 Acer laptop characters. Mr. Dmytro will leave Prague in a luxury Porsche Cayman car. Details on the results of the competition can be found at

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