The Vdesk stock exchange unites Europe, last year it bought not only the Prague stock exchange

The Vdesk stock exchange was a very glassworks in our country in connection with the purchase of vinegar stock in the crack stock exchange. Its appearance is a bag much vt. It integrates the capital markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Although the Vdesk stock exchange (Wiener Brse AG – WBAG) is not one of the largest and fastest growing markets, it has recently become a model for the integration of the Central and Entrance Europe capital market.

In addition to the acquisition of the stock market crackdown (92.4% share), the Lublas stock exchange (81.1%) became the majority owner last year and, together with Oesterreichische Kontrollbank, owns the shareholding share (68.8%, of which WBAG pats 50.4%) Budapest Stock Exchange.

Securities are traded in several segments

Since the end of 2007, securities have been traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange on two regulated stock exchange markets. In the official market and the second regulated market (Official Market and Second Regulated Market) and unregulated, respectively. tetm market (Third Market), the so-called Multirateral Trading Facility (MTF).

Companies that do not meet the requirements for access to trades on a regulated market have access to this unregulated market. Commodities are then traded on a commodity exchange.

Securities are traded on WBAG in several segments – the equity market, the bond market, the derivatives market, the structured products market and the other securities market. ).

According to debt, the stock market is divided into the prime market, the mid market and the standard market. Only shares that are open to regulated markets and meet certain requirements are traded on the primary market and the standard market.

Prime market is a large segment of the market where titles must meet specific criteria for transparency, liquidity, etc.

The mid market is a segment that is intended for small issues, it can be pipetted to regulated markets or it can be trades on an unregulated market (MTF). Its important characteristic is the function of “helpers”, so-called capital market coaches, creating support for individual titles.

The bond market trades in government and corporate bonds, financial bonds and structured bonds. Trading process both on a regulated market and unregulated. This is the only market segment where a market maker and specialist is not required.

Derivatives can only be found on the official regulated market

The officially regulated market is based on Austrian derivatives, where options or futures on Austrian indices (ATX, ATF, IATX) and thus options and futures on individual securities are traded.

The second market is the market for CEE products (CEE derivatives). Here, futures on various indices (regional, national, sectors) of Central and Eastern Europe, constructed by the local stock exchange, are traded.

The market for structured products trades in various types of certificates, investment funds, warrants and ETFs.

Just like on the stock exchange in the SPAD segment, the stock exchange in Vienna provides liquidity on the official primary market of the market maker. In addition, a jet specialist was introduced in 1999 to function as a supplement. Trading in most instruments takes place either in a continuous mode (derivatives and warrants) supplemented by auctions (primary and standard stock market, ETFs, funds), or only in an auction mode (bonds, mid market).

It is traded only in electronic form. Most of the trade takes place through the trading system of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Xetra. Derivatives and warrants are then traded through the OMex platform. Trading course from nine o’clock in the morning until midnight in the afternoon, plus or minus per minute depending on the type of security and the market. Bond auctions are open from 11:30 to 14:20.

Get acquainted with ATX, vdesk stock indexes

The first index introduced on the Czech stock exchange in 1968 was the WBI (Wiener Brse Index). It monitors the development of all shares traded on the official and second regulated market. It is required daily at the end of the trading session.

The ATX index was introduced in 1991 and is now one of the most important European stock indices. It includes the twenty largest and most liquid titles traded on the stock exchange. The main criteria are the size of the free float and the volumes of trade. Bze index is updated twice a year.

Other Austrian indices are ATX Prime, ATX Five (ATF), IATX index and ViDX. A large group of indices consists of exchanged indices for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Indices). They are required in euros and dollars, and national indices in the currencies of individual countries. These are five regional indices, seven national indices and six sectoral indices.

He gave the group your CIS indices, which are oriented to the countries of the former Soviet Union (six national and three sector indices). Other indexes are style and thematic indexes, one Asian index and several special custom indexes.

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