The table always changed their lives. He praised them for the worldly guru

Petra and Dalibor Michn found out some time ago how to taste real surroundings. It captivated them, so they started making it themselves. Compared to the surrounding area, it’s like playing the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra next to Uncle Tbork. Pestoe started the business only in June this year, and collect one award after another.

How does it happen that a young man is working on production at all times?
Petra: We both thought about changing our profession for a long time. Dalibor worked as a graphic designer and sitting for a long time at a computer did not suit him. I originally worked as a pedicurist and manicurist, but for the last four years I have been a mother and for the original permit I did not want to return.
Dalibor: In addition, we are both lovers of good, quality food, and because finding really good confectionery in Ostrava is quite teak, we made a lot of goodies ourselves at home. We enjoyed grinding and making, so it drank itself.

But what was the initial impulse? For the first time?
Dalibor: Three years ago, I got a touch of my wife from my wife. She tasted both of her taste. It was, of course, a quality environment, so we decided to try to make our own environment table.

And how did it turn out?
Petra: It succeeded on the first try and we then improved the recipe according to.

Isn’t there always enough in our market?
Petra: There is generally enough in the market, but if we talk about the truth, there is still a shortage.
Dalibor: I just want to add that the production of fruit and confectionery is high for us, it’s fun, creative and inspiring work, we are constantly discovering something new and professionally moving it forward.

Mu-The kitchen is a lot and they are great, but what about mui-sugars? I don’t know much.
Petra: As for mue, sugars are great, but not elsewhere in the world. U ns are eclipsed by many.

What, Dalibor, do you have so much fun with?
Dalibor: Work with the environment is much the same. When you start making it, it somehow develops and you can’t do without hard boy work. If it can be really high quality, then it wants a sense for detail. It has its long history, you also don’t like such work. It’s about learning about their borders and their love, it’s for life.

Do you have any wheels divided in the company?
Petra: Urit. I eat sugar in the kitchen, Dalibor makes bread.
Dalibor: There is a thousand things you have to pay in the company. These include the preparation of documents for ethnicity, peace of mind, answering mail, warehouse management, store service, packaged lunches, order orders from the e-shop and many other activities. The production itself is probably just an aunt’s work, in the other things we dream of depending on who just has the time or desire.

What all you had to do and spend, onhow much was the initial investment?
Petra: We had to get a trade license in the field of baking-sugar, we were waiting for the mandatory amount, ie hygiene, notes, series and so on. Of course, the kitchen and dining room had to be renovated. In order to blend light, we had worktops made to measure. We had to come up with machines that are suitable for running a productive environment.
Dalibor: Because we had to meet all hygiene standards, we both got into tragicomic situations, you have to have a total of three sinks and two double sinks. It is true that ve m svj el. In addition to the equipment and the machine, we had to design and order packaging materials, to cooperate with suppliers of raw materials, it was simply a small trifle. In terms of initial investment, they cost up to a million.

Is it possible to get machines for production at all times?
The possibilities in this field are limited, in comparison with the industrially produced environment, only a small amount of artisanal production is produced. For modern artisanal manufacturers, therefore, machines that they have so far designed and constructed themselves often appear. These are mainly machines where cocoa beans are shelled. We are no exception, we also designed this zazen ourselves.

Do you have your shop, how did you enter it?
Dalibor: We tried to take it modernly and interestingly, so that the customers here would be honored. This was especially successful for us, because we often ask us, for us we do not sit in the store. We are fulfilling this in the future for a great deal, but all my time.

What do you actually make?
Let’s make table tables, according to candy types, such as lane, run palm candies, French trials or hot chocolate.
Dalibor: In the past, we have an idea for a few years ahead, and there will be no shortage of new news.

Are you surrounded by any of the others?
Petra: We emphasize that it is easy to unravel, smooth and soft.
Dalibor: The main difference from the environment that you will encounter at a discount is that it is made directly from cocoa beans, in the traditional way in a melaner with catch stones. It determines the taste, you can’t finish it without it.

Mete to vysvtlit?
The industrial production of the fruit is limited to only two taste sensations, namely sweet and hok. The actual craftsmanship of the environment is much more plastic and balanced. When you taste it, you feel like it’s the right thing to do. It’s like when you compare the Czech Philharmonic with your uncle with the guitar at Tbork, which is good, but some of its clever mistakes.

Where do you get cocoa beans from, how do you choose them?
Petra: We take beans from all over the world, but the process of picking them up is nron. There are many great cocoa areas, we choose them not only according to taste, but also according to the message they carry to the consumer. He must be interested. We currently offer St. Tom’s beans, Principe Island, Venezuela, Chuao, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

You know the good surroundings at first glance, but how does the consumer know?
Dalibor: The hunter who works with the surroundings, according to many small indications, to drive before dark, not put it in st. As far as consumers are concerned, they should be packaged. Sugar should not be in the first place in the list of raw materials, then emulsifiers should not be included at all. Some large companies may justify it, but I argue that it does not belong there.
Petra: should be nice to buy, in the taste you should recognize others, not just sweetness or bitterness. A dark neighborhood doesn’t have to be a hok. It should not be greasy in the hundreds, nor rough, when you read cocoa and in your throat. If you come from a small family business, it will probably be good. If it is from a discount, I would look for those who are certified as BIO.

You, Petro, are you matesk with two little kids? How to combine business with matestvm?
It is a great advantage that Dalibor and I are not only a manel, but also a park who will always agree with you. When I need to make, Dalibor is with the children, the newcomer is also a friend, so we can have some days at work both. Even though we have a lot of work, our children are our first place, we dream of devoting our free time to them.

In what price ranges do your products move?Dalibor: This is a run work, the price corresponds to that. Surprise someone, eu ns me stt padestigramov table you a hundred crowns, but when you taste, understand.
Petra: The price of the tests varies between 45 and 60 crowns. I make it myself, I don’t use bottoms, and we also use it in trials and other confectionery around us. I don’t know it very interesting, but the difference in the surroundings, even compared to the so-called Belgian, is known.

In what volume do you produce your goodness?
Dalibor: The circumstance of our type is produced by the so-called micro-batch, so it was very small. There are hundreds of tables of circumstances and test boards msn.

Is it interesting about you around Ostrava?
Although we only started to produce and sell in June this year, our surroundings around the world know how the prices prove at international competitions in London or Copenhagen. Our neighbors also got to America or Switzerland, where the famous guru Bernardini once said that it is good, which is a great compliment from him.

Bl se Vnoce, how did it reflect on the vrob? Do you feel interested in your surroundings?
Dalibor: the surrounding season has actually begun, always with the onset of autumn cooling. But Christmas is getting worse, so the demand is you. We are overwhelmed with work, but we do not have to reject what is positive.

How do you do this work, what is your life motto?
With honesty the longest happens. And how does ns work iv? Since we only opened on June 1, the final verdict for this year will come and at the end of the year.

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