The student’s downfall: the summer brigade inconspicuously turned into slave labor

Veronika Tomanov found the help of the Internet to work in Germany. When the fraudulent owner of a beauty salon started treating him like a slave, she preferred to run away from home.

She wanted to earn some pensions about the holidays and thus gain experience in communicating with foreigners. She worked in a German beauty salon. After a trip from the island of Usedom, 22-year-old Veronica Tomanov is clear that she will not forget the Baltic flight from the Baltic. “I’m not looking for a summer job on the Internet. And if so, just a dog through a solid personal agency, Veronika promises.

A friend with experience of working abroad does not have much time to rely on their advice and recommendations. At the same time, he won the sweat in such a promise. Veronika found the German company WS Cuba on the Internet, which tourists tourists to the island of Usedom at the expense of their so-called henna tattoos, has been going on for several days.

“The hotel hostel is paid and paid a thousand euros a month, it was an offer that corresponded exactly to the idea of ​​how to meet new people, the resort and earn a pension so that my parents can repay their loan on my photo camera,” says Veronika with the original idea. o summer brigd. The seducer of the WS Cuba salon by Russian Anna therefore quickly agreed on an e-mail with the brigd.

“In my correspondence she was kind and accommodating. I also packed things up and took the train to Berlin, ”said Veronika.

From the salon and to the bride?

“Anna and her Peruvian friend Pedro ns took us around the island to their tattoo houses today, when the German police stopped us. The Russian and Perunc suddenly acted like a manel, and moreover they legitimized themselves under other names, not introduced themselves to them. We were in it. We started to worry about what we were going for, ”Veronika wrote in a diary that she kept for a ten-day brigade and in the day. As one of the ones, she was so ashamed to admit that she came across a fraud.

“Russia, Perunec, once the entrance Germany and beauty salon ?! It’s not far to trade in blm meat, “court psychologist Slavomil Hublek.

She and her friend decided to sweat when Snf Pedro definitively refused to sign an employment contract and forbade anyone to talk about working for him and for how long. “I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that Anna and Pedro would start doing what they wanted with them. They extended their working hours to twelve hours, I slept in the kitchen, then they were paid, ”says Veronika.

“Such, sometimes even tragic cases, when you do not have time to survive over the naivety of two looking brigades abroad, there are certain plates and monsters,” Hublek points out. Some time ago, he prepared an expert opinion for a mathematics teacher, who, like Veronika, came across an online offer for a trip to Latin America, where she eventually fell in love with him. The Brazilian hosted her, invited her to carnivals, and she always carried a suitcase to Prague for him. For the cocaine, the teacher has been married for many years.

The employers should be the first to consult, the advice of experts

Eva Janakov from the renowned staff of the Manpower agency did not want to know that she would be two in the face of a brigade. “Anything can be done on the Internet. And many, even to two young people, stt. That’s why they should take care of their employers. “

This advice Michael Vvrov from Randstad. Even its experts can knock down European employers perfectly and advise those interested in working.

From the day of Veronika Tomanov

For twenty days, a twenty-two-year-old student of urnalistics led a day from the summer job on the German island of Usedom:

23. ervna
Pejdm to the resort Zinnowitz. Anna and Pedro are waiting for me. The ideas of the hostel are melting. Show me the bed in the kitchen under the stairs. I ask around the client and the internet and Pedro is quite surprised, I need a key when the whole group will leave for work and return in the evening.

Even the dog closed, I can hear how much Anna promised me everything and that we will work the furnace much according to.

24. ervna
The first conflict with Pedro mm. He commands us that we must never tell anyone how much we take, where we live or who we work for. When I ask for it, the voice and discussion are cut off: This is dvrn!

25. ervna
I ask Pedro about the employment contract and he gets away with it. Then he tells me to take your days off when I’m trained for a tattoo.

30. ervna
Pedro is nervously asking what mm in the backpack. Capture him fok. He didn’t like me photographing the tattoo wall. Then he tells me to take tomorrow to the other end of Germany. Try what you can afford me.

4. ervence
Klra and I are determined to leave. We have enough uncertainty that we don’t have to get paid. Stand for doubt. Both teeth are full of teeth, but stay. Enough stly tickets. I never went home so badly…

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