The restart of the economy will be fast, my economist Petr Borkovec

As an esk, we have come out of the crisis caused by the pandemic. It was great that we were able to help ourselves, think the economist and co-owner of the financial group Partners Petr Borkovec. Society has come together, we can be solid, we can find a way to overcome problems, k.

How do you personally see the restart of the economy? Will it be fast, slow?
No one can be sure. But I’m on the positive side. And for the reason I see how the people behave, how the corrupt behave. and they did not lose that consumer sentiment. Also, I think the restart of the economy will be fast. This is also due to the fact that all economies in Europe and in the world go on financial doping from their governments. They gave them a lot of adrenaline in the form of various wall supports. And so I think that the labor market will go through a crisis relatively well. The demand for people is still here, so wage growth can only stop for a while. And, of course, some sectors will see a decline, but in my opinion, even that will not be extremely extreme.

You have changed consumer sentiment, but do you think that together with constant doping will be enough to revive the economy?
I don’t have a pound ball. However, according to my opinion, the verticality on the growth is very significant today. Grow whatever is true for both companies and households, politicians and government, and everyone will do their best to keep growth going. So that things get bogged down in old dormitories. As for the Czech Republic, eventually our government began to work somehow. It accelerated the release and released pensions to support the economy.

Has covid’s crisis shown that finances can also be found online?
Over 60 percent of our business is service to existing clients. Only 35 percent of the work comes from new clients, everything else is the first clients we know. This means that a lot of things can be used for a long time. Typically, it’s your car, property. We have a very long time to go and we have mechanisms for that. In the long run, we were also able to do service analysis and the right of financial full, and thus the analysis of financial needs of new clients. We have mechanisms for that too. But you can’t just rely on technology.

Operating in an emergency state has shown that it is a super technology to increase comfort and efficiency. Many consultants can provide services online, ie for a long time. But it’s not like providing an online service without a consultant. In order for the people to orient themselves in finances, they first need advice and coaching. Machines to assess and compare products, and not to identify and assess the individual needs of the client. Just as different people do, so do their finances and needs. And here you need personal advice and time, which the advisor dedicates to the client.

How did your clients react to the emergency, to the situation?
The reaction was primarily that nothing was happening. Many were glad they were at home, many of them would not be in a hurry to work now. Few people realized what was happening. Only the health impact of coronavirus was seen, but not the economic impact and the resulting threats. On the other hand, it is a mon time, because the people did not drink about the mood, the court, the willingness to spend, which is to restart the economy tusk.

Did I turn to your clients the most?
The big dark was investments, where there was a sharp decline. That was a billion questions on how to invest in the fund and get out of this baldness. The demand for investment was huge. However, the great thing was that the people wanted to collapse the market mainly to other buyers. Therefore, we worked a lot on reallocation portfolios so that after the decline, dynamic components still have the same interest in portfolios. There was a lot of inquiry about real estate and financial housing.

Did you encounter problems in the Internet during the crisis?
The barrier was in the heads of some advisors who could not imagine online communication and saw blocks where they are not. On the other hand, I must say that the clients of the technical barrier had at least. On the contrary, it was very convenient. Online connection was not a problem for them. I think it was also because many of the bikes were taught online, and households also adapted quickly. The problem was then in the council, which we have a lot. They had to take care of the children and the household, and the work was not the easiest for them.

Have you also noticed the clients who got into financial trouble?
Not a mass. But of course we have clients from even the most affected fields. These were mainly the owner of smaller companies and the company including OSV, you the owner of event agencies, which were cut to zero. Or people from tourism as well as restaurants and inns. Compared to vtin lo, however, a small segment of people.

And shit, how did it work?
Vtina did not go to work and received a pension, or received my pension. Whoever received the invitation received a severance grant, even though not much has happened yet. So most people overcame the crisis without hesitation.

How did people who just got into financial trouble react to the situation reacted to the situation?
For example, we have a client who is a cook. He recently applied for a mortgage. And he ran into problems. The bistro where you were closed could not cook. His income comes from various one-off events, it’s over. M hodn dt. This client therefore had to ask in order to get a mortgage and settle the situation. This means that he went to hell, put aside his splits and immediately found a brigade. If he sat at home, he would have big problems, but because he did not sit, he stopped the situation.

Have you changed companies and OSV, how do you evaluate the support programs offered to them by the government?
Support for n pichzela and stle jet pichz in many cases late and chaotic. So, according to me, the sttu reaction was slow. And the uncertainty is huge. So there was a lot of promise, which has not yet met with reality. On the other hand, I don’t think that a catastrophe would have broken out here. In particular, OSVs can be satisfied.

Did the household make budgets according to the crisis?
Mj nzor is that she has not done them yet. I haven’t seen a day of tragedy. In addition, households could and still can defer installments, incl.

340 thousand people filed for deferred payment, do you personally recommend it? Is it appropriate according to vs?
Not when it’s not necessary. As a company, we too could have levied the levy on you to defer payments on social security, but we did not do it because it is not necessary. And it wouldn’t even bother me ethically when we don’t need it.

Time, but what about the household?
Postponement of installments would be recommended where there is a risk of financial problems. If the family is also an IT professional, I would stay calm and not postpone anything. But if someone cooks it for you and someone in tourism, I would like to postpone the payment.

How did you handle the covid-19 crisis yourself?
As an introvert, I liked that I didn’t have to walk among people. Many extrovert with tm mlo problem. It was so great to be with the family, to see the children, to be with them and to learn with them. And so I liked how the company came together. That was to see you on the hands. It was great that we were able to help ourselves. And I am glad that even politicians at one point only grew populist, put on experts and got advice. This means that the Czech Republic emerged very positively from the covid-19 crisis.

What pleasantly surprised you in this regard?
If we can still help, we can be solid, we can find a way to overcome problems. And so I liked the COVID-19 CZ initiative. New strong personalities appeared, who were able to take responsibility and take over. No right to reward and great personal risk. For our country and for people. They have huge thanks. The rest of us at Partners, when we saw that our crisis would not be significantly affected by the covid-19 crisis, we started looking for a way to help others. And that was nice.

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