The price of oil will fall by a percentage point, gasoline will be reduced only minimally

Fuel prices rose steadily until mid-May. The current debt crisis along with other factors has made the move up ptr. We can assume that oil, but also gasoline, will be cheaper in the coming months, when the motoring season will peak.

What can be expected in the coming weeks in world oil markets given the prices at gas stations? Will we ride in lt cheaper or dr not last year?

Current developments in the oil markets

After the January increase in prices on the oil markets, the situation calmed down and all profits were handed over at the end of the ship. Then the saw saw the equivalent of a stable number, which culminated at the end of April. At that time, the price of oil approached nine hundred alarms and the motoring list did not look very favorable. Oil continued to grow as the economic situation in the world gradually improved. In recent weeks, however, oil prices have fully developed, not the original market price.

The debt crisis has hit unprepared not only Europe but the rest of the world. At present, there are many doubts about the continuing economic recovery, and oil traders are responding by selling it. The Dalm factor is the increase in the amount of oil on the American and European continents, which is related to the relatively high current world production and the unsatisfactory flowering blooms of some OPEC countries. The price of oil on world markets has fallen by more than 20 percent since the May arrest. Such a deep jump was last seen in the oil market at the end of the 2008 crisis.

Dramatic discounts on gas stations cannot be expected

The price of oil is also reflected in domestic prices at gas stations. The price of oil itself, according to fuel prices in the Czech Republic, fell by about one aunt. At present, however, there is a far important fact that goes against the reduction of gasoline prices. The movements in the currency markets and the sharp rise of the US dollar to the Czech crowns are to blame.

Thus, while the price of oil has fallen by a fifth in the US dollar since May, so in the Czech Korunch, one of them fell by only a tenth. If we realize that more than two-thirds of the price of fuels at gas stations are taxable, trade margins and oil refining costs, then the final discount is only in the breath of units of percent. In addition, there is a reduction in the price at gas stations, with a thirteen-day lower than oil prices on the market.

Cheaper or dr not last year?

According to current assumptions, oil and therefore also gasoline could remain cheaper in the coming months, when the motoring season will culminate. The economic situation should not improve significantly, and therefore the main factor in the rise in oil prices in the last year should lose its impact.

The development of this bag may be influenced by a number of unpredictable events that markets can shake. We can hardly achieve similar prices at petrol stations as last year, but we could drive cheaper in summer than today.

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