The price of oil is rising, and gasoline will soon rise

The price of oil last week rose to $ 87 a barrel, the highest price in 18 months. Growth is likely to continue. Gasoline is likely to rise soon.

Surprisingly, the last increase in oil prices was not due to its current shortage in the markets, but good at first, coming from economies around the world. On the basis of these, it is initially assumed that the better the economic situation will increase the demand for oil and oil products.

The unfavorable factor that makes fuel more expensive is undoubtedly the strengthening of the American currency, in which oil is traded firmly. Not only is the price rising in US dollars, but the dollar has been strengthening against the Czech crown in the long run, which further increases the price for Czech consumers. Moreover, the current situation does not indicate that the trend of appreciation of the dollar to begin in December last year should turn around in the near future.

On the contrary, the current expansionary mood in the global oil market, on the other hand, is opposed by the number of oil products in the country of its largest consumer. In the USA, oil reserves increased last week at ten weeks in ad. The number of fuels intended for heating is also growing, which are currently even 20 percent above their average level in the last five years. The fact that imports into the USA have been growing faster than demand in recent weeks also speaks against further increases in oil prices. The oil supply is therefore currently available.

In the last eight months, oil has ranged between $ 70 and $ 80 per barrel, and its current price expansion has reached the heights of many individuals and companies. You are fighting the return of oil over $ 100 a barrel. If oil got above this limit this year, it would be a major problem for an economy for which high fuel prices could mean a kiss of death.

Now, fuel prices in Rotterdam have risen for the record year, and for the first time since the prices in this Dutch port, prices at Czech filling stations have taken place. With the meeting of the motoring list, it seems that it will not stick for some time. In addition, according to the bio-components in petrol and diesel from June, the prices will be so negatively affected by prices. I’m not leaving anything else, I’m not used to high fuel prices. The economic view of a few other months looks optimistic, which unfortunately means that the wallets should go further.

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