The pig could not be killed. codes from zabjaky had to be connected

From the insured liability, you can also cover the codes that your home invites. Mr. Josef, for example, got out of control of the pig he wanted to beat for his friends, and stuffed himself with tens of thousands.

The pig that Josef had arranged for the pig could not be killed for the first time. Zdivoel invites then rushed to the neighbor’s land. Here he broke the fence and devastated zhonkyi kee. No pig was caught, it tore Josef’s neighbor and a few hens.

While Joseph found a representative of the insurance company, a neighbor set out to write the codes. It was not easy to make a list of destroyed things, for example in hens it was necessary to distinguish whether it was a laying hen or not.

Josefml pig only for his own benefit. If Sizabjak wanted to pay and sell the tripe, as well as the trunk, the neighbor would not have a full insurance claim. Josef would have to pay for the code from his own pocket.

“Whether it is an economic activity or not does not determine the number of bred animals. It doesn’t matter if the owner calls pt or pt set. It must not be an economic activity in the sense of a trade license, ”explains Bohumr Vtovec, an insurance specialist.

In the end, the pig’s day cost 50 thousand crowns, which the insurance company paid to the neighbor.

It doesn’t hurt anyone, but if it did, the injured hunter would be covered by insurance. He would still be entitled to pain and costs for the fight and convalescence.

eznk must not get paid

In the case of insured liability, you must not be allowed to pay for the work performed in this case. If he had received any pension for the work he had done, he would have to work for a company for a company. In such a case, the responsibility would fall on his head.

Naturlim, there are no limits. So you can take a pig or another gift for the killer. (more about darkness here)

Insurance liability is of all kinds

You can arrange insurance liability for the code for travel insurance, household insurance or private liability, which applies to codes for the health or property of other persons.

The private insurance, which was also used by the owner of the pig in the given case, is a connection of a household or real estate. For example, in the case of the SOB Pojilnypilimit pojišťnnnno pl million, one million involved, pay 360 crowns a year and in the case of the Czech business insurance company 460 crowns. The bag does not only depend on the price, but also on what the binder contains.

With the insurance liability for the code agreed to the insurance household badly on the sweat of people in the common household and on the insurance policy. It ranges from pl million to twenty million.

“Insurance liability can be arranged both separately and together with the insurance household or real estate, most often clients arrange them first for property insurance. For example, people living in companies have separate insurance responsibilities mainly due to the code caused by their neighbors, ”says Dagmar Koutsk from the Allianz insurance company.

According to Petr Milata from SOB Pojiovna, a neighbor or codes caused by children can be heated most often, such as a broken window, dying, and a bench or injuring another child.

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