the people will have it, the new civilian end will protect the customers, including

The new one will also be able to withdraw from contracts that were concluded in the store, but it was not until the entrepreneur addressed consumers outside this area, ie by phone, via the Internet, or on the street.

Probably every one of us experienced a situation where hostesses run down the street and hunt customers for a discount. And you’re upset how to do it. “There is a difference between when the customer only sells a ticket with a discount coupon and he can decide whether to use it and go to the store, and when the customer starts to convince the street that he should go with them to stores that they have a great offer there, and that in the UK, ”explains lawyer Markta Tillerov.

If the customer flourishes under the contract and let himself be taken away, he will be a new guard and will not be the first to talk to him, for example, as he will ever be persuaded, for example, in his apartment.

The contract must contain what they said in advance

The contract must be in accordance with all the information received by the consumer well in advance of its conclusion. It is, for example, the obligation to pay a deposit, the cost of delivery for additional goods or the conditions of out-of-court settlement. The content of the contract can only be changed if the parties agree on it.

This rule will be of great importance in the case of sometimes more informative information, when the door-to-door sellers people offer favorable energy prices. Contracts, in addition to the supply of energy, also include related services, so even if the price is the energy itself, the end of the invoice can be in the finale and double.

There will really be two weeks to withdraw from the contract

Change the conditions for withdrawal from the contract. Unlike their current law, it will not matter if the entrepreneur learns of the resignation later than 14 days from the time received by the consumer. It is important whether the consumer withdraws from the contract in fact, ie for example sepe and the field letter and e-mail. The decisive role will then be played by the stamp in the event of a written resignation or the time of sending an e-mail.

“If the merchant does not fulfill his obligation to inform the customer about his first withdrawal during the purchase, the deadline will be extended even to a year and 14 days,” points out Milo Borovika from dTest. If given, the period shall be extended from one day to the next.

Pklad: It happens to me that you order some goods in the e-shop, but it is not in stock, it will come to you and in those weeks.

Alenen always does. In case you order a sofa and you get the first seat and later the two seats that belong to the set, you move from the last of the goods.

If your contract involves repeated regular deliveries of goods or, for example, you can take less vitamin vitamins for three weeks from the first delivery of goods. In the case of contracts relating to the provision of services, the contract is valid from the date of conclusion of the contract.

The rules will apply to ipoulinhoa ​​and the conclusion of contracts for the supply of electricity and gas. Then it will be possible to withdraw from the contract within 14 days and from the day of the start of energy supply. The start of energy supply takes place and usually after the expiration of three months from the conclusion of the contract (due time at the original supplier). “Customers will therefore receive a new option even after the start of the supply of electricity or gas without giving a reason and any sanctions to cancel the contract and return to the original supplier,” said Tom Likutn of

Jin rules for returning pensions

Within 14 days of withdrawing from the contract, the consumer will have to buy the goods. Opt sta, when at least this will take him away.

The same will be done by the entrepreneur at the return of the pension (now it is withdrawn from the contract by the customer within 30 days, regardless of whether the goods have been returned) and sweat is delivered from the moment when the withdrawal was delivered.

The pension must be paid in the same way as it was received from the consumer (by bank transfer and bank slip), but the parties can agree on another method of payment together, when it will be suitable for them. The costs of the cheapest delivery goods offered by the entrepreneur will also be returned.

Pklad: At the last minute, Jana orders a watch for Manela as a birthday break, but I’m afraid he won’t have time to drink like a bna balk, so order a delivered delivery to your room. But you will beg for the courier service, compared to the recommended delivery delivered by the courier will cost three hundred more. Manel does not like the watch, they are very weaving and have a relatively clear display. Therefore, withdraw from the contract for a week and watch the field sellers back. The seller will pay the full price of the watch and will also pay as you would pay if you ordered the delivery by registered mail.

If you return the returned item, you must pay the code

In what form musobchodnk accept return goods? When you want to try something, you usually know the original packaging.

It is clear that it is possible for you to drill the goods in the original undamaged packaging, and the trader does not even want to make exceptions from everyone and at the end.

On the other hand, the new end takes into account the situation when the customer uses the goods for 14 days, and with the knowledge that he will return everything, he does not take napkins with him. “E-shop is not a pub. trnctidenn lhta is intended only for tested goods, not for its intensive use, ”notes Milo Borovika. The consumer will thus be responsible for reducing the value of the goods, which arose because he treated them differently, it was not necessary with regard to its nature and properties.

Pklad: The donated watch will be liked by the husband at first sight and he will wear it first. Find out the bag that they are in the era where they often move during their work, very noticeable and moreover that they are worthy. That’s why he and his wife decide to watch the well. The watch in the bag has a folded glass.

You do not have to pay anything for the reduction of the value in the event that the entrepreneur did not share the conditions, deadline and procedures for withdrawal from the contract, or did not refer to the form for withdrawal from the contract.

In some cases, it is no longer logical to withdraw from the contract. For example, if you ordered two days before the third day of freshly caught and gutted carp, it is conceivable that you would change your mind about the purchase and shake the rotten fish.

“Consumers will come out of business and first of all, they will speed up the process of returning pensions. However, consumers should not forget that the other rules remain the same. If the goods are not ordered even after urgency, I can thus fulfill the factual basis of the criminal offense of fraud, if the code is at least five thousand crowns. The victim should be notified to the police station. Even if the code is caused to a specific consumer, but it should be reasonably suspected that it is not the only victim of fraud, we can contact the police. the codes happen in this case, ”explains Kristna Opletalov, the first consultant of the association

With the contribution of the first elements Dana Prudkov and Frantik Korbel, who participated in the creation of the new civic end.

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