The pension is connected to all chairs in the city

As an MSc, it is almost 30 thousand people who join the Czech Republic in st. Pension funds have reason to be satisfied. Last year was also one of the most successful in terms of growth.

Pension fund of the year 2006

1. Penzijn fond esk pojiovny, as
2. ING Penzijn fond, as
3. SOB Penzijn fond Progres, as, only SOB groups

In the Czech Republic, more than half of the workers are retired. As of last June, pension funds had 3.5 million clients who had given them over 120 billion crowns.

Although the number of deposits is growing steadily, even though they are still very modest in deciding how many half of the pension fund they have, they will often cope with the questionnaire.

This is despite the fact that 800 thousand employees contribute to the connection of their employer.

It will probably not take long and the largest pension fund will reach the limit of one million clients. In the middle of the year, 82 esk pojiovny missed 82 thousand clients to conquer this goal. The second largest fund in the Czech Republic was PF Winterthur (602 thousand clients), followed by PF esk spoitelny (513 thousand).

Unlike in the mid-1990s, when the Czech pension system was launched, it does not offer the services of such a large fund. Of the original 44, less than a quarter remained.
The people who gave them their quarrels were the result of their joy. Among other things, the growth was driven by growth in the capital markets. He has slowed down a bit this year, but even below, the funds can achieve a very sunny result.

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