The pension can be separated again for five years

And in a year and a half, the local pension will be separated from the children who were born in the 60s and 70s. From 1975 onwards, her retirement will have the same meter regardless of gender. On the day he is fifteen years old and young, he will receive a pension and after the age of seven.

The amendment to the pension insurance scheme, which was consecrated by the parliament in May, has a number of new features. If the dream agrees in June, everyone who is born after 1955 must take care of the shift to retirement.

The fastest growing income will be for children

The first significant change is that the number of retirement age for men and women can be accelerated. This novelty will mainly affect children who were born in their sixth and seventh years. In contrast to the present, the pension was given to them by 18 msc.

How to move the retirement vk enm with two children
Ronk 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968
Dchodov vk nyn / * 61+4 61+8 62 62+4 62+8 63 63+4 63+8 64 64
Dchodov vk nov/* 61+8 62+2 62+8 63+2 63+8 64+2 64+8 65+2 65+4 65+6
Source: SSZ and the draft law on pension insurance, / * these are years and months

For example, a woman born in 1961 with two children retired at the age of 62 and eight months, while her current retirement age is 62.

Go to a drastic shift of mothers with two children in 1968, who, according to the amendment, are to retire a year or more later. While the retirement age is now 64 years old, a new pension should be available in all six and a half years.

The unification of the retirement age has been achieved since 1975, which will come at the age of 66 and eight months.

The metal ceiling for retirement disappears

Another novelty is that for all those born after 1977, her retirement in Kadoron will be delayed by two months and spent according to the following formula.

In practice, this means that there will be no daily ceiling for retirement and pensions will be constantly shifted. For example, children born in 2007 will receive a pension at the age of 72, and children born in 2013 will retire at the age of 73. He gave the ronky then to go later.

anci dokat se dchod nem ptina lid

Although the pension will be constantly delayed, the hope that an individual will reach retirement age, according to current demographic studies, can remain practically the same as before, at about 80 percent. According to forecasts, the time spent in retirement will also be relatively long; on average, they will spend about 20 years in retirement. The five people will not be recharged at all.

Jak je nadje dot se penze
Ronk was born Dchodov vk Probability in%
1959 64 81,22
1965 65 81,42
1971 66 81,46
1977 67 81,86
1983 68 82,07
1989 69 82,15
1995 70 82,09
2001 71 81,93
Source: MLSA

If the amendment to the pension policy passes the Sentem, he will be able to retire at the age of three and five years. People with a retirement age of not 63 will be able to retire at the age of two. And five years later, those who have reached the age of 63 and more will be able to retire after reaching the age of education.

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