The pandemic was also reflected in employee benefits. Companies canceled some

Before the pandemic, employment was record-breaking and companies tried to find employees and strike a lot of benefits. They ground stle nov and nov. That has changed now. A number of companies had to make controversial measures, which often affected the non-financial benefits first.

The coronavirus pandemic has not had a significant economy. Therefore, the employer had to come to the customs office during April and May, and their customs duties were disputes. As the current Randstat survey shows, in many cases employees were also involved.

The survey showed that about a quarter of Czech companies joined in connection with panda covid-19 and restrictive measures to release. A fifth dreamed of financial bonuses and variable components for its employees, a tenth of the wage base. There were also significant reductions in non-financial benefits.

For example, less than 16 percent of companies canceled their people’s meal vouchers and subsidized food, five percent of life and pension insurance, according to Jacek Kowalak, director of Randstat.

A detailed survey of the entire country in these countries is now carried out by the personnel agency Grafton Recruitment. So a detailed overview is not available yet, but something is clearer.

As part of the benefits of the benefit system, it is most often a matter of disputes at various events for employees, ie teambuilding. According to Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of Grafton Recruitment, about the benefits that the employees were not even aware of, such as refreshments at work and the like. At first, they also say that some companies have temporarily suspended contributions to sports and culture through multisport and flexipass cards.

The canceled benefit is often only temporary

The necessity of the dispute is also confirmed by the company itself, which was economically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For example, Obermeyer Helika has been forced to suspend many of the projects I work on with clients. Therefore, they decided to argue about the pandemic at the meeting, or no one knew how long the situation would last and what it would entail.

The radical measures included the full reduction of our employees’ salaries, and we also suspended contributions to meal vouchers and flexi passes, describes Tereza Echov, HR manager of Obermeyer Helika. It emphasizes, however, that these measures taken are temporary. According to n, the employees understand the situation and reacted positively to the changes received.

The situation around covid-19 fell on Footshop, which operates an e-shop with sneakers and streetwear and stone shops in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Bucharest. Right at the end of the pandemic, therefore, each of the company’s managers got a very hard time to go through the budget and try to find as many disputes as possible, so that the company could handle the hell of this period and to drink for as few employees as possible.

But we tried to be creative even in the given situation. After cutting the budget for education, we created the Footshop Academy, in which employees educate each other. We have created a list of boards and a workshop that we will be able to mediate internally and thus replace one of the benefits, describes Olga Henlov, HR manager of Footshop.

But they left the multisport card because they want to support a healthy lifestyle and this benefit is interesting. There were also meal vouchers, but they canceled, for example, the abundant table in the office, when they ordered refreshments there. However, they left a large table in the warehouse and in stores, where employees could not take home offices. Leave him here too.

New situation with new benefits

In addition, Footshop has introduced new benefits that reflect the current situation.

As a new benefit, we have offered a Rohlik premium subscription to those employees who have a financial impact on the pandemic, and by reducing their wages or liabilities, they will be able to take a free course in Chef Parade according to their choice, Henlov said. She added that once the situation stabilizes, the benefits will be re-evaluated and revealed what is happening and what employees would appreciate.

He took a similar path and gave companies. For example, Schneider Electric introduced as a temporary benefit equal pay for the quarantine and sick leave of covid-19 for two weeks.

Draz na work-life-balance

The benefits of the change to a harmonious work and personal life, ie the so-called work-life balance, have also changed. The companies started looking for ways to offer their employees alternative benefits, which were directly offered during the pandemic, explains Jan Pivoka, HR manager of ManpowerGroup. The benefits include an online game, a website for mental hygiene and a hotline for employees.

And according to Pivoka, the attention of companies has shifted to the goals of health and safety. For example, Schneider Electric has operatively engaged in darkness stress and energy management to help employees elite high mental health and workload.

Home office ve vt me

Changes have occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic and some of the benefits. The frequency of using the benefits of flexi office and home office has changed, especially for Ida Rokov, Schneider Electric’s director of human resources.

It was similar in Uniqa pojiovn. Before the crisis, the opportunity to use the home office was very limited. After the company was practically 95 percent in a state of emergency during a state of emergency and it proved successful, it was decided that it would be able to provide this benefit to employees far away. At the same time, the role is immediately superior, so that such a flexible team can continue to fulfill the given task completely and without any problems, added Eva Svobodov, a press spokesperson for Uniqa pojiovny.

According to Jan Pivoka, even a home office in the future would not necessarily be a benefit, but a necessity. It’s just like when potashes and cell phones used to be used. At that time, the company’s benefits included that they could also be used by private members. Today it is a matter of course.

What will dl

In addition to the use of a home office, however, employee benefit systems will certainly gain further rights in the near future. Urit will not disappear, but there will be more of them and their composition will be different. This is also because even in the near future the pressure on the amount of benefit will almost not be so strong.

Unfortunately, many more unemployed people appear on the labor market, and the situation with the recruitment will in many cases turn in favor of the company, thinks Michal Novk from the company Profesia. According to him, the benefits will be associated with an above-standard number of holidays, financial benefits and the possibility of education.

The advantage is that large companies retain many benefits in order to gain new talent in the labor market. And with that, I agree with Rokov. Thus, according to them, the benefits will play an important role especially in the fight for talent in professional or scarce professions.

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