The new civil law will bring justice and protection to the weak

From January, a new civil law will apply, which will affect the lives of all of us. The rules for inheritance, the conclusion of contracts, the sale of property between spouses, for cancellation, complaints have changed… Dana Prudkov and Frantiek Korbel, first-graders, answered questions from

The current civil first is due to the time when it was created and it is not necessary to respect such a specific area. Its he gave inappropriate is the cuteness. Today, the state of business and civil law is complicated. Both regulate the same types of contracts, but differently.

The new civic concludes in a clearer place in one city, with 3 081 paragraphs and a 238-day regulation. Pin more freedom and justice, more weak, honest and defiled. We have written about some of the changes, you will find the links here in the explanation, we will continue.

The collection in the new end is really a year, it is actually operated from birth to death. ” If the foundations should know to know when the first personality is formed, when the hunter becomes an adult, how the hunter can enter into marriage, how to grow up, what to do, when to buy an apartment, when he wants to write an appointment, ”says first leader Dana Prudkov .

And the questions concerned all areas. Most of all, you asked about names around housing, and in the ownership of buildings, or soft contracts. A lot of questions were asked about family and ddictv.

For questions that have not been reached now, respond first to the end of the week.

What vs so busy?

OTZKA: Is it true that horses will not be evaluated by human life according to tables? And do judges have to respect the state court?
ANSWERS: Judges should respect the verdicts of the Constitutional Court now. So NOZ does nothing about it. However, it is true that the new design of the so-called “compensation table” and each situation will be assessed individually.

OTZKA: What about returns returned in e-shops? The only amount can be returned. EU let’s take the law, is it necessary to pay in advance)?
ANSWERS: In 1832, if the consumer withdraws from the contract, the entrepreneur can return to him without undue delay, no later than within thirteen days of withdrawal from the contract, all funds, including the cost of delivery, which he received from him to form the contract.

OTZKA:e amendment of the civil law and the situation of our small businesses? My main concern is what you can afford against a large business chain, dictate to us your conditions, we are weak and nobody has anything to do with it!
ANSWERS: Konk is built on the principle of weakness protection. The fact that the parties can agree in principle what is appropriate for their members, if it is not good morals, public horses and the first weaving position of persons. In the event that agreements are concluded between parties that are not on an equal footing, the first attempt and obligation to both develop and protect people in a weak position will end up. Both the hunter and the first person will be on the weak side. For example, even a small shop in a multinational company, from which you take goods, will be more secure. However, it will be important to assess each particular situation.

Who answered the questions is

Frantiek Korbel is a lawyer and partner of the law firm Havel, Holsek & Partners, and at the same time only an expert commission for the introduction of a new civil law. Since 2006, he has worked in public administration, including Minister of Justice Jiho Pospila, Pavel Blak and Marie Beneov. He helped enforce the new civil law and regulations related to it.

Dana Prudkov is a freshman, assistant judge and member of the expert commission for the introduction of a new civil law. Since 2004, she has worked in public administration, first as a first in the legislative department of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Obansk konk in MF DNES

From 20. z vychz kad ptek v titn MF DNES seril, ve kterm se dopute, jaknov obansk zkonk ovlivn v ivot.

He gave news that may influence the decision customertte v ptek 22. 11. v ploze Obansk zkonk

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For a long time, it will be engaged in online shopping. The period of two weeks to withdraw from the contract without any reason, the new obligation to return the goods within 14 days. And the e-shop must meet the same deadline when returning the pension. They should get to the customer in the same way as they traveled to the store, unless both parties agreed otherwise. In addition, the customer is entitled to a refund of the cost of the cheapest delivery item that the store offers. However, if the customer used the product intensively before returning, and it left traces on it, it will not receive the full price from the e-shop.

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