The name of the company is most damaged by defamation internet, court manaei

In the times of the crisis, half of the managers are fighting for the reputation of their company. What companies say the most code? Rising prices, limited services, suspected corruption and unethical breeding management.

If he takes a good name for himself, it will lead to the bankruptcy of the company in times of economic crisis. This goes hand in hand with the availability of bank charges. This emerged from a recent survey by Weber Shandwick and consulting firm RSM Tacoma.

“In the crisis years of 2009 and 2010, almost 35 percent of companies reported damaged damage. For this year, less than 20 percent of managers will be able to keep a good name, ”said Gabriela Kolov of Weber Shandwick.

The most dangerous is internet communication

More than one percent of managers think that negative advertising on TV broadcasts will hurt me the most. “Gossip is, according to the social media, through blogs, but with a markedly smaller share. 40 percent of them show up, ”says Gabriela Kolov.

Online mdia and pm consumer communications are at tetm and tvrtm mst. “These media have pushed the tops of manaei hundreds of companies a little surprisingly. They write a negligible influence on the radio, ”adds Gabriela Kovov, noting that with a network of social networks and online media, Internet communication is the most dangerous thing for gossip.

They are afraid of customer dissatisfaction and competition aggression

In times of economic recession, the management is usually very dissatisfied with customers, at 75 percent. Aunt’s director is afraid of her business partners, who will win by going to another company.

In the dissatisfaction of their own employees, they see a serious problem for the manager. “The threat of further competition and aggression from the competition. Respondents fear slander and allegations, especially if the economic downturn in the industry has caused extreme competitive pressure and panic, ”said Gabriela Kovov.

Controversy over television

et manaei are determined to fight the damaged reputation with positive positives at first. Seven-six percent of them are convinced that they should be presented by the company’s CEO. And if he doesn’t, at least talk to the press. Nine percent of managers would go to pay for advertising on the media, where they would try to clear the name of the company.

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