The last one percent of retired parents is nonsense, as experts

The system of pension reforms is such a proposal that children send one percent of their salary to their parents in retirement. According to research, people are reluctant to take this option. Experts approached by the editors will refuse this model.

Petr Bittner from esk spoitelny believed that they did not understand the changed proposal. “In particular, the people assumed that their total levies would increase by one percent. But the government suggested that this percentage should only be diverted from existing payments, “said Bittner.

Although Bittner does not consider the family assignment to be a bad idea, the proposed proposal will not work according to it. “One percent does nothing and the rest complicates the whole system and makes its administration more expensive. If this network could be redirected in this way, it could have a positive effect not only on deteriorating demographics through increased birth rates, but it would increase the motivation of parents for long-term children. ”

However, Vladimír Bezdk, an expert on the pension system and insurance, is very skeptical about the propopulent benefit of the contribution. “When an expert thinks about it, that’s bullshit.”

According to him, the proponents argue that when people around thirty will know that their children will contribute to their retirement, it will influence their decision to have children.

“But the contribution to the retirement is so far that the people there can’t even be seen. And even if they do, they need to secure their children for at least 18 years and then they only have a pistol for that one percent of their child’s salary, ”adds Bezdk.

The director of ING Penzijní fond Ji Rusnok also agrees with this, who would choose another form of favorable parenthood in the pension system. The best in the form of discounts on insurance premiums at the time when the children are born to raise.

According to Rusnok, the people are generally wise politicians and the complex administrative measures will still not be effective. As an example, give the following situation:

“Manel was raised in the retirement by three daughters, one daughter moved to the USA, the other raised by the world of children and is a long-term household, and the same daughter, for example, had two children and is on parental leave. These husband and wife retirees will not receive anything from their children, despite the fact that they strongly deserved reproduction and thus gave the existence of this society. “

The skepticism of the economist is exacerbated by fears about the cost of the whole system. ”There are currently about five million workers and almost three million pensioners in the Czech Republic. We would have to have a system where at msn we will be able to monitor theoretically and pt million the flow of one percent of salary to those millions of people. It can be done when he invests, but I don’t see the point in that, “concluded Bezdk (more about his views on the pension reform here).

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