The introduction to “getting rich” on the door is nonsense, experts explain

I sent him a letter in an e-mail box, where the non-signed Ji Mka describes the pbh Roma, who tells him how to “get rich”, among other things, thanks to the social doors. According to the General Directorate of Labor, this is a complete picture of nonsense.

Give birth to children every year and then just go for a parental benefit. This is a guide to how to get as much income as possible on your doorstep, which, after several years, circulates on the Internet. that this is a mystification, explain the experts from the series of work, the institution that fills the door.

1Suddenly you don’t get two for children

Asserted from the letter:It is best to give birth every year. And then you pick up the ek and suddenly withdraw 230 thousand crowns.

Vysvtlen: This is nonsense. “In the first place, the maximum total amount of a parent’s contribution, which I give birth to, is 220 thousand crowns,” said Kateina Bernkov. In order to receive how much msn (not at once) you receive, you must meet certain conditions that have been valid since 2012:

  • You can choose the length and length of the contribution only if at least one of the parents is born on the day with an income that corresponds to 70 percent of the daily exchange rate (DVZ). If the intake crosses the border, the meter will receive a maximum of 11,500 crowns msn. You can find out the contribution here.
  • If the income is less than or equal to 70 percent of 30 times the daily exchange fee, the parent will receive a maximum of 7600 crowns per month.
  • If neither of the parents can determine the enrollment base (you did not have an income or did not pay sickness insurance as an OSV), then the parental contribution in fixed amounts of 7,600 crowns by the end of the 9th month will be given and then 3,800 crowns each month and up to 4 years of age. .
  • Rodiovsk pspvek me family take only one, usually the youngest, dt.

In the social support system, there are one or two urns running directly through the children. “It is a child’s allowance, which is a basic, long-term two-family family with children, which helps them to reduce the costs associated with the upbringing and living of a dependent offspring. The right to it arises if the decisive income of the family is less than 2.4 times the family’s living wage, ”explains Bernkov. When deciding on its allocation, the decisive factor is the income for the previous calendar year, in which the parental contribution is included. In addition, there is a step according to the age of the child.

You can spend at your minimum. For example, for a full family (both births) with one child under the age of six, the subsistence minimum is 7710 crowns. The subsistence minimum for a family with those children (5, 8, 12 and 16 years) is 14,440 crowns, the minimum income limit for the right to benefits is 34,656 crowns.

“As for the method of payment, there is no way to pay the pension in advance in the form of an ecu. The batches are filled out, always with a letter or a voucher, ”points out Kateina Bernkov.

2Contributions to housing have their borders

Asserted from the letter:If the hunter agrees with the landlord to set as much as possible for him, let me do it. And from the city to get housing, electricity, water and the like, he gave thousands.

Vysvtlen: “First of all, it is necessary to point out that such a unit shows the features of the criminal unit. If a laborer or other public authority first finds out such a procedure, he is obliged to refer it to the police immediately.

In this context, he warns of work, but the day is invalid. The author probably has in mind the contribution to housing from the system of central social support, or the supplement to housing from the system of assistance in material need. And like everything, I get these two conditions:

  • The costs of housing, or rent and energy must be documented regularly by the recipient (msn and quarterly).
  • According to the actual and eligible housing costs, the official statutes of the specific two houses will be added. In both cases, they must be families and individuals with low incomes.
  • With regard to the housing allowance, the owner or tenant of the apartment is entitled to permanent residence if 30 percent (in Prague 35 percent) of the family’s income is not covered by the cost of living and at the same time this 30 percent (in Prague 35 percent) of the family’s income it is not the normative costs determined by law.
  • Both contributions can be completed in a maximum of 84 msc in 10 years. The exception is your households, in which I have a 70-year-old people and people with disabilities who lived in their built-up or renovated flats.

You can find the table and the number of contributions for housing in 2013 here.

3Contributions in material need only as much as necessary

Asserted from the letter: The author of the e-mail thus mentions how easy it is to get you money to buy food, coal and clothes. According to him, the ptilenn family will drink for me and for 30 thousand crowns msn.

Vysvtlen: According to him, these are two aid in material need, which is a contribution to living. In the case of such a household, these courts can never reach such in. Therefore, deviate from the existing and living minimum. The existing minimum is 2,200 crowns and you can find the table and the calculation of the living minimum here.

The livelihood allowance is determined for each person individually, based on the evaluation of his efforts and ability. The subsistence allowance is determined as the difference between the subsistence of a person and a family and their income, from which the cost of living is deducted. For example, for a family with those children who lived outside Prague and gave birth without a day’s income, the amount is 14,440 crowns (in the subsistence level of the family). A family with 12 children could get to two in a total of 30 thousand crowns, who, on the other hand, do not have a large pension in one day.

4.On collective aids and energy stt generally do not write

Asserted from the letter: Shnout mete i na dal dvky, teba na nkup aktovek a dalch kolnch pomcek pro dti.

Vysvtlen: For these elements, the doors are socially needed as an extraordinary immediate help. But even in this respect, the means provided cannot just be embezzled.

“In order for the applicant to receive them, he has to give reasons for his contribution. The cities are, of course, ready to provide funding as soon as possible so that they do not have any problems left. At the same time, however, they assess the individual cases in great detail, ”says Kateina Bernkov, adding that there are known and what the client requests patina documents from what the pension applicant has used. When a number of workers have doubts about the correct use of the provided pensions, they can pay a fee directly to the merchant or the bicycle.

“In case of enough about any door, and from the system of social support or material need, the applicant and consequently the recipient of the door must prove all the income. If it is hidden, I will get a surcharge, which will be too much for us, ”warns the speaker.

Asserted from the letter: Because I pay for electricity, so we go to E.ON and drastically take a deposit on electricity, so that I can never pay for it. Nobody cares. And socilka is happy that we don’t go there and take them away. And then the payment goes to my bank account. And the same goes for water and gas.

Vysvtlen: It is not true that ad pay veker energy. Only the contribution within the housing allowance, the applicant has to prove the costs.

5.Sla and ntlak pensions do not bring

An “introduction to getting rich”, as an imaginative Roma ethnic man praises the possibility of “buying” electronics, for example, and then sweeps straight from the store with the hunter to the nearest pawnshop. The emphasis is also on the fact that the best way to obtain finance is to shackle the service and put pressure on employees, etc.

Vysvtlen: In this respect, too, it would most likely be a criminal offense. In addition, when assessing enough of the two in material need, the series of work is considered by all applicants and they are thus interested in how they still own the property.

As for the pressure from the client through verbal and physical threats, it is again a form of criminal action. Information on such incidents shall immediately be obtained by the official in criminal matters. “It is true that the staff will deal with a similar one and it is certainly not a bet on the Roma. Therefore, all workers work in the city with the city and city police or with the security service. Do not succumb to Vhrkm or nsil, ”adds Bernkov.

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