The insurance on the payment card does not cover every sport. You must also insure yourself

For those banks, get a basic travel connection automatically with a payment card. If you are an athlete, be especially insured, the cards cannot be insured for risky sports.

Before the holidays, you have the dilemma of whether the traveler will just be insured on a payment card or whether you would like to buy insurance from the insurance company. First, find out if your card contains a fuse at all. For example, Volksbank also offers it automatically with the usual electronic cards. UniCredit Bank, Komern banka and LBBW provide two free insurance for embossed cards. You have to buy somewhere else.

The price varies according to the type of fuse and zan at 25 korunch msn. Compared to the classic travel insurance arranged for specific days directly at the insurance company, the connection to the payment card is suitable. While you pay around 500 crowns a year at the bank, the celoron insurance policy at the insurance company costs an average of a thousand.

Even though today the bank does not offer travel insurance with a limit on the total deposit of not one million crowns and “cards” with a range very close to that of the insurance company, you do not have to win.

When you get an angna and break your leg in Europe, you will reach the limit. If, however, a heart attack and stroke occur, and you will also be rewarded, the castle will be paid for only and the transport is easy for three million crowns, and this is usually not enough for credit card bonds.

With a gold card bute at rest

The owner of gold, platinum and some business cards have a lot. Not only are the limits of skull deposits far away, for example, and 6 million crowns at LBBW Bank, but also the extent of insurance is equal to that of the insurance company, including all connections, in terms of the price per card.

In addition, the duration of one entry and 120 days is valid for these cards. On the other hand, owning a gold card first obliges you at LBBW vs to a fee of 3,600 crowns.

Are you an athlete? Buy a better fuse

For people who go abroad every year, often unfulfilled, there are no more than 30 and 90 days, and sports will be spent at most on a recreational level, so travel insurance from any bank or the most embossed payment and credit card should be enough.

If the adrenaline is in the room and you want to spend your holiday in extreme sports, you can buy a card for everything. It involves high-altitude tourism, summer fishing, diving and wild boar hunting. Banks offer one or two fixed-tax products, which, if only the limits and then the number of insured persons, there is no other day to connect to the risks of sports, as is common with any insurance company.

An exception is the debit card from GE Money Bank, which also offers extreme and adrenaline sports. It’s not a free bag, pay 79 crowns per month for Comfort travel insurance.

Somewhere insurance and laptop

The scope of the “to cards” connection has not been significantly different from the offers. Of course, there are many talents, once, in most cases, luggage, liability and sometimes invited (UniCredit Bank and esk pojiovna) and from the flight and cancellation of the flight (GE Money Bank, UniCredit Bank, Citibank, LBBW) or your laptop (GE Money Bank , UniCredit Bank).

UniCredit Bank’s insurance cards also include situations that tend to be elsewhere: terrorist flows, some extreme sports, such as rafting, downhill skiing, alpine hiking, cyclocross, horseback riding.

The family is husband and children are secretly under 18 years old. Vtinou

Banks often offer travel insurance “for the whole family”. The killer family wants a little differently, you need to carefully test the conditions (there is a bank on the website). Some people only insure their spouses (for example, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank), elsewhere they also take another family member who lives with the cardholder in the household.

So the number and vk dt is different. Some banks limit the number of children to those (eg esk spoitelna, SOB and Volksbank), while others have an unlimited number. Usually a descendant under the age of 18 is considered a child, with the exception of Komern banka, where they recognize a descendant as a child under the age of 21.

When you buy insurance for the whole family, ask if the insurance company takes the limit to which it fully fills, as one for all, or if the salary for each member of the family is special. Even in this, the individual banks differed.

For example, Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit have a limit for all together. When there is a million and you break down in cars, do not pay for all the insurance company more than a million crowns. But you and Potovn spoitelna and mBank and Komern banka have only families with a limit of one million crowns for themselves.

How much does it cost to pay for a payment card?
Bank Limit l. vloh For whom price
Citibank 1 000 000 family 948
esk spoitelna 1 500 000 owner 300
UNDER, Potovn spoitelna 1 000 000 family (3 days) 300
GE Money Bank 1 700 000 family 948
Komern bank 1 000 000 family free of charge
LBBW Bank 1 500 000 owner free of charge
mBank 1 000 000 owner 420
Raiffeisenbank 1 000 000 family 600
Volksbank* 1 000 000 family (3 days) v balku
UniCredit 1 700 000 owner free of charge
Note: The listed examples of fuses contain additional, not just skull talents.
* insurance can be chosen as a promise for free. Source: banks, sewers are listed in the korunch

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