The insurance company will pay the code, but the insurance will terminate me

It may not be easy to insure the house that caused the flood. Many insurance risk of flood insurance with a large pirate. Otherwise, he was expelled in full and during the flood he did not pay for a code or a crown.

Have a house and drink a lot of water. Take a picture of everything, contact the insurance company and start cleaning. In the meantime, the insurance company so-called liquidates the code, ie an assessment of what compensation you are entitled to according to the agreed conditions. Then pay the pension.

If you have a contract, my insurance company can terminate your insurance and you will have to negotiate a new one, probably quite expensive. Or do not insure yourself against the risk of floods at all.

When the threat vpov contracts

Whether the insurance company has it or not to do so is based on the insurance conditions. When asked how the insurance companies react after the flood, whether they let the insurance pay, pay the insurance or terminate the contract completely, answer very carefully. Piblin in this spirit: “After the liquidation of the insurance event, the insurance policy continues according to the agreed conditions without additional insurance. We generally do not terminate contracts. An individual bag can be used to terminate the contract. For example, when the liquidation of an insurance event is found to find that the property is in a river basin. ”

What to choose from it? Let’s leave the insurance, but if the code was due to the flood, we can cancel it or break the insurance risk…

When a flood is no accident

The Union Uniqa reacted most openly to the problem: “At the moment, all existing contracts have not changed, but we have not yet proposed a statement. However, in the context of climate change and periodic fluctuations accompanied by floods, it will be necessary to take measures to adjust these past agreements. In some localities of the Czech Republic, the probability of floods or flooding is practically safe with every small amount. One is more: the reduction of the limit fully in case of floods, the contribution from the insurance in the 4th sign and the like. Of course, the procedure will be done individually, because it is possible that some of the buildings from the 3rd and 4th are often due to construction measures in the city in such a time that you do not have to worry about the worst. ”

Insure, don’t connect?

Insurance companies take various measures to assess the risk of floods and floods. They all find out which of the flood signs they are in, but the decision is on how expensive the insurance is and whether they will be available at all.

If you have a house in the first and second font, you can be safely, connected against the danger of “big water” you can arrange elsewhere. Be careful that every meter really decides, even if the village had to be divided into several dogs.

Find out about how you were the first, from the flood maps, which are published free of charge by the associated association (maps can be found here). If you have real estate in these floods, you have to deal with the bribe.

For the fourth time and for exceptions, I do not insure on the risk of floods. But you are not without ance. As the Czech insurance company states: “This risk may not be completely uninsurable and is approached on a very individual basis by an expert. The possibility to insure the risk of floods is a whole, for example, ten years excludes water, twenty years water or sets a limit for the risk of floods. ” Whoever the insurance company rejects the contract with the risk of floods for good, I can enter into a contract at least against other risks.

Insure cheaper with limits, but…

If your property and equipped households are endangered by high water, this means that paradoxically uette on the insurance. This is the case when the insurance company completely eliminates the danger or sets a limit for it.

For example, Triglav has really cheap real estate insurance compared to its competitors and the risk of flooding. The first in this dog bag set a limit and pay a maximum of 250 thousand crowns for the flood code. What if the water takes a dm for those millions, it is far from sufficient.

Whoever takes an extraordinary risk of a flood flood, you will triple compared to the house “on the hill”. The way to insure on insurance is to involve co-participation. If the connection base has a zero co-coding, feel free to set it for you. You can take out insurance and you would probably not report a very small code anyway.

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