The insurance arranged by the Internet vs does not have to protect

Many people have recently closed the internet. You just check the box and you’re done, but don’t forget to study the insurance conditions. The insurance company will cancel my contract.

Zdenk turned to us with his story: “I bought an old house as if I wanted to adapt the living to my needs. I started renovating the bathroom and heating. ”

As soon as Zdenk bought the property, he left nothing to chance and dm insured his internet via the Direct insurance company. He paid the insurance immediately. A few days later, the insurance company called him to say that the inspector would come to check on the condition of the house. Zdenk was just finishing the reconstruction and agreed with the nvtv.

“From the connection sludge, it is a formality and it took place in a childish spirit. The inspector took a picture of the condition of the property and did not point out any problems. I was very surprised when a letter came to me in a few days that the inspection was not carried out with a positive result. ”

Pojiovna Zdek’s pension was paid for the payment of insurance premiums and proposed that he close the insurance company and after the reconstruction was fully completed. “The insurance contract offers the activity by paying the first insurance and passing the inspection with a positive result. In Mr. Zdek’s case, the building was not approved and therefore the insurance contract was not completed, ”says Tom Zavoral, a director of Direct.

tte insurance conditions

The problem is that the Direct insurance company does not connect real estate that passes through a real one. They are stated in the insurance conditions. The insurance company reserves the right to carry out a physical inspection of the building at any time. Rozshl reconstruction is one of the options when it does not conclude the contract. The question is whether the repair of the bathroom and heating, which was carried out by him, can be deduced by this concept.

“Online insurance brings with it a great rock for people who are not at least a little familiar with the field,” points out Bohumr Vtovec, an expert on insurance. “It’s true that I haven’t met the insurance conditions like Direct, anywhere else,” adds Pojiovk.

Direct is the only bond company that requires an inspection of the object and only then decides on the bond. Other insurance companies just point out the possibility of undercarriage. If you conclude an insurance contract for real estate and after some time you will reconstruct your apartment, increase its price. You should adjust the insurance contract and the relationship to which you are insured.

“We recommend clients to ask themselves a basic question: How much do I value my home, so that in the event of an extreme event I will be able to pay for the insurance benefits of a comparable land,” explains Eva Svobodov from Uniqa.

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