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The husband told about the divorce from Polina Gagarina: “I’ll give a signal”

Singer Polina Gagarina and photographer Dmitry Iskhakov officially divorced in court on December 28.

Star marriage was officially terminated in the metropolitan court

Recall that Gagarina and Iskhakov began dating in 2013. In 2014, the couple secretly got engaged in Paris, and then they signed at the Tverskoy registry office in Moscow. Three years later, daughter Mia was born. The discord in the relationship of the star couple began in early 2020. Then rumors of a breakup leaked to the media. And if the singer did not comment on this information for a long time, then her husband admitted that they really broke up, but managed to maintain friendly relations.

In the judicial precinct №252 of the district Pechatniki Gagarin and Iskhakov were divorced in several sessions. The spouses never appeared in court, entrusting the unpleasant procedure to their lawyers.

Dmitry did not want to comment on the divorce.

“I’ll give a signal when I decide to take such a step,” Iskhakov said.

After the divorce, the daughter remained to live with her mother, while the artist agreed to the girl’s periodic meetings with her father. As for the property, it was rumored that Gagarina would like to keep her jointly acquired property and a car.