The highest pension is in the Czech Republic 95 thousand, not only three thousand

Above-average pension, ie you do not 10.5 thousand crowns, in Czech over 630 thousand people. The gap between poor and wealthy retirees is widening, and pension reform has had a pension reform since its inception.

“The highest pension is now paid in Czech to the only pensioner, who will receive 95 thousand crowns. The lowest pension, in more than a thousand crowns a month, has three thousand pensioners, ”said Jana Buraov from the communication department of the Czech Social Security Administration.

The average esk pensioner takes 10.5 thousand msn

The pensioners are in a hurry in the Czech Republic. While the average Czech pensioner receives 11,672 crowns, the female pensioner only 9,537 and the average Czech pension reaches 10,511 crowns. On one pensioner, about two employees contribute to the current central pension system, more than 2.17 fees, which is the same as last year.

Pensions also by region. The lowest average pension is in the Olomouc region, where it reaches 10,204 crowns, in Prague the highest average pension is 11,216 crowns.

The old-age pension will receive 1.2 million people in the Czech Republic and about half of the above-average pension, ie you do not have 10.5 thousand crowns.

From the 30th onwards, the newly granted pensions will be spent according to the new rules. This innovation, which the pension reform had, will gradually affect most future pensioners and the differences in pensions will go deeper.

In the case of income in the range of 11 and 34 thousand, the pension is reduced

Those who receive a salary below 10,886 gross crowns before retirement this year can remain calm. “They will not change in retirement,” said Petr Sulek from the press department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The changes will not affect even those who take her pension, or their pension will be paid before March 30, 2011.

But who will receive the pension from the 30th employee with a gross income in the range of 10,886 crowns and 33,965 crowns, a change in the financial number. According to the new rules, the new pension will be granted to these income groups by more than a hundred crowns, not under the current conditions.

How much can a pensioner stick to or from 30th of 2011
Gross msn income in K Retirement in K according to current rules Retirement in K according to the new rules Difference in K
10 tisc 8 230 8 230 0
15 tisc 9 550 9 477 -73
20 tisc 10 450 10 347 -103
30 tisc 12 034 11 963 -71
40 tisc 12 634 12 743 +109
50 tisc 13 234 13 523 +289
100 tisc 16 234 17 404 +1 170
Source: MLSA proposal, employee retirement age 40 years

For example, an employee with a gross salary of 20 thousand crowns a month, who retires after 40 years of pension insurance, will receive a pension of 10,347 crowns after 30 September 2011, which is about 103 crowns less, he would not receive now.

The MLSA promises that this decline should be offset by the valorisation of pensions. “It was between 300 and 400 crowns. The slight decline in income will therefore be minimal, ”to Petr Sulek.

In pjmu over 34 thousand crowns are sttn dchod zv

On the contrary, the income and a few hundred thousand thousand crowns will receive a new pensioner, who during their productive life earned 34 thousand crowns gross and more. For these people, who invested much more in their pensions than people with low incomes, the current Czech pension system was unfair, according to the verdict of the Constitutional Court. In the new pension budget, therefore, for high-income groups, people are beginning to take into account their serviceability.

The amendment to the pension insurance bill, which was approved by the parliament in May, includes a number of other news. Gradually, the retirement age may be extended and the retirement ceiling will disappear. The new one will be able to retire temporarily, in three or five years (aunt more here).

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