The first real estate fund mon fell. Is it time?

It seemed very interesting. Krtk and after it was possible for investment companies to establish open real estate funds for retail clients, there were three funds on the market with different strategies. Unfortunately, their number does not call her, but she dreams.

Small investors could be about a year ago that the portfolio of the fund that offers investment in real estate is not just one fund, but three. They could offer the investor different strategies, conditions, fee structure, different types of real estate in the portfolio, and so he could choose what suited him with pimhouen.

The first two funds even seem to be outperforming those who shook their first, if not the most exclusive, property to investors.

However, the Palc Andl real estate was not in the portfolio of the 1st real estate fund, owned by Nationwide Holding, as (the only share of Realtia’s investment) and the real estate was to be transferred to the fund at the end of the year after the necessary acquisition of a sufficient amount of acquisition funds from investors.

Although this fact was briefly pointed out by the fund’s representative himself, many investors may have got the impression that the fund has the first property in its portfolio. But that was not true, and in the end it did not happen at the end of the year. Until recently, we were able to learn that the thumb Andl was sold to the real estate fund Degi, which belongs to the British investment group Aberdeen Property investors Group.

When asked by phone whether the Realtia fund will be sold, one of the boards of directors stated that he did not know about it, and “the fund evaluates the investment made according to a predetermined investment strategy”. The next day, information came to light that the Realtia fund had been sold to Maxima. There are two possibilities. So he either lied or did not know what was happening in the company, led in it.

We can only hope that the new owner of the fund will succeed and that real estate will contribute to it. At the moment, it is an ordinary money market fund, which is trying to persuade investors about the suitability of investing in a real estate fund.

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