The first day of vacation may be murderous. Don’t forget to insure it

One hundred and first days of vacation will be just the last. According to the experience of the employees of the assistance companies on this day the greatest risk. The blame for this lies mainly from outside the city after a long journey, climate change or mental health.

The first day of the holiday is often forgotten when closing the fare.

Another common mistake is to omit some risky activities that people use to cultivate their holidays. Adrenaline sports activities are not covered by the insurance company, and if you get hurt by them, you don’t even have to get a crown from the insurance company.

Assistance services are essential for travel insurance

If you do not have an unexpected illness abroad or once, we can use the help of an assistance service. Its main round is to solve unexpected crisis situations, in which it is especially necessary to act quickly.

For example, an assistant can help you find the nearest medical facility and arrange for a new transport to a better-equipped facility. If you have problems with the medical staff, arrange an interpreter.

That is why it is very important to always have contact with you at the assistance service, so that you can contact us as soon as possible and resolve your situation. For example, just send an SMS to the assistance service with the contact where everyone should call. It can also be a telephone folder, where they will provide you.

The staff of the assistance service recommends that you save all your contacts on your mobile phone in case you do not have a data card with you, which you will receive when concluding your travel insurance.

The assistance service is responsible for informing family members, and if they are hospitalized, their transport will follow you. If you are unable to get back home on your own, arrange transport. Of course, they will also take care of the repatriation of the rest of the land client.

Assistance costs can reach millions

Last year, 7,373 clients took the help of Europ Assistance travel assistance, the average average cost per insurance event was 7,540 crowns.

Typical destinations for insurance events, ie times, are the Alpine country, Austria and Italy. People living in Egypt and those who take a holiday by the sea (apart from Egypt, for example, in Greece or Bulgaria) are more likely to seek assistance from third-party tracts, and more often seek help services for respiratory infections.


Source of information: Europ Assistance R; click to enlarge the graph

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