The fine imposed on Prolux was also paid by innocent clients

Kamil Zbuzek sold the apartment through the real estate agency Prolux. Although the buyer paid the entire amount to real estate, Mr. Zbuzek paid the pension for the sale. But the real estate agency is not worth anything.

But he’ll take it from the arrest. Kamil Zbuzek sold a three-room apartment in Most, and because he is often working away from home, he decided to sell a real estate agency. And he chose Prolux. He signed a contract with the realtor and calmly waited for the tenant to buy an apartment. When Prolux did not find a recipient for a long time, Mr. Zbuzek got him a sm after him. Jakub Matjka. However, as the real estate agency’s broker pointed out, due to the signing of the contract, the sale had to take place through Prolux, otherwise Mr. Zbuzek would pay a contractual penalty for non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

The realtor has prepared a contract for the sale of an apartment, in which it was agreed that the purchase price, 340 thousand, to pay the buyer for a number of realtors in the so-called storage. After registering the new owner in the cadastre, the property will be sent, of course after deducting the real estate commission, to Mr. Zbuzek. Classic and bn procedure.

The contract was signed, Jakub Matjka wrote to the entire real estate agency in the term and the apartment was written to him in the cadastre. It also seemed to be in complete stomach. And the fact that the real estate agency did not send the pension she received to Mr. Zbuzek for sale. “When I asked for it, the general director of Prolux only told me that they did not have a pension because they were confiscated from them at customs,” Kamil Zbuzek describes the sale of the apartment. “But I don’t care at all, I don’t have anything to do with the customs administration, I have a written contract with Prolux,” says the client.

And what’s your problem? The editors of black sheep became interested in the case, but the director of Prolux, Karolna Valentov, refused to talk to the camera. She only sent an e-mail statement: “The company does not deny that it accepted the purchase price into the deposit within the framework of the contractual agreement. The said amount would undoubtedly be paid, because the fact that the Customs Administration, in the framework of the execution of the decision, secured even the funds which were not our property. “

OI fined the real estate agency Prolux five million

And what actually happened? “The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has fined Prolux Consulting International a maximum of one million crowns for a systematic and repeated fraudulent client,” explains Jan Rotbauer, Head of Communication at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. This is historically the highest fine imposed by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. And because the company Prolux Consulting Int., S.r.o. did not pay the fine voluntarily until the expiration of the term, which expired in 2012, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority forwarded the receivable for the recovery of the Customs Administration R. Opt classic and normal procedure. In practice, this meant that the real estate agency Prolux was, for example, seized et. But Bohuel was just at the moment when the pensions for the sale of Mr. Zbuzek’s apartment were on them.

It is necessary that the director of Prolux has given Customs a release request. This marble. “Customs has the duty of confidentiality of the tax administrator, it is generally possible that if there are funds for the debt, Customs does not investigate who put them there, or to whom the pensions are to be paid,” said the press of the Customs Office for the City of Prague Ivana Kurkov. .

et Prolux was seized

In other words, Mr. Zbuzek is unlucky. His apartment was for sale and the new owner is registered in the real estate cadastre. However, he paid the agreed amount for the apartment. And real estate? She pr for nothing. “We know that the first lawsuit by which we will annul the decision of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority will be completed and thus the reason for the execution of the decision and the blocking of all penitch funds to the company will be eliminated. Then we are ready to immediately cash out the funds that Mr. Zbuzek cannot immediately release, ”according to Prolux’s director Karolina Valentov in her e-mail.

However, according to the lawyer, the fact that the realtor in the foreclosure seized his own, may not interest the client at all, the pension for the sale of the apartment is required to pay. “I would recommend Mr. Zbuzek to file a lawsuit against the real estate agency without delay, and to demand payment in court for the sale of the apartment. Because if he gets pregnant, it happens that such a client will have a real estate agency, they will be faster, Mr. Zbuzek will not be under your laws for a year or two and there will be nothing to take on the real estate agency, “warns lawyer Pavel Nastis.

The real estate agency is still working, it has changed its business name

The Prolux real estate website still works and offers apartments for sale. A bit absurd is the fact that the sold apartment of Mr. Zbuzek offered the real estate agency to go a few months after the transfer to a new owner. The advertisement for the sale of the apartment was removed from the pages and after our question when the realtor would pay the pension for the sale.

One change here, however, is the furnace. The real estate agency has changed its business name. U to nen Prolux Consulting Int. s.r.o., but BREDLEY AND SMITH, s.r.o.

“The change of business company or the name of the real estate agency does not have any effect on the whole affair,” said lawyer Pavel Nastis. It is basically the same as when a woman changes and changes her name, under it she is the same person. “Even after the change of name, all existing volumes relate to this same real estate agency, including foreclosure, blocking, fine, but of course the obligation to pay the purchase price for the apartment to Mr. Zbuzek,” concludes the lawyer.

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