The finances will discuss how best to educate esk clients

How is the planned regulation of the financial market reflected in the work of financial advisers and intermediaries? This is the main darkness in the order of the twelfth Fra Zlat crown, its representatives of the financial and economic spheres.

Ztitu nad frem, which will take place on the 27th in the run-up to the crack of the Top Hotel in Chodov, was taken over by the traditional Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek.

The meeting with the subtitle “Educating the Client in All” will deal with the new written rules for financial product intermediaries. A number of questions and contradictory reactions in our country have developed in the very way of introducing uniform rules of regulation into the concept of the European Union.

The main speeches will be on regulation. The first with the title “More regulation does not mean a better market, less regulation does not mean” will be given by the Deputy Minister of Finance for Financial Markets Radek Urban. Vladimír Tomk iPetr Zahradnk, head of the Office for the European Union esk spoitelny, will take a look at everything.

The proposed regulation should protect consumers, very sensitive darkness is also radically limited commissions for financial advisers and intermediaries.

The Finann arbitrator Frantisek Klufa, now the director of the SOB.Sv mass market strategy, will also join Vt Kalvoda, Sdruen defense analyst, investor and economist, and Michal Nej, only NERV.

After each press panel discussion, Helena Kolmanov, Director of the Consumer Protection Department of the NB, Ale Michl, Portfolio Stratg Raiffeisenbank, or Petr Scholz, Deputy Finannho Arbitrator R.

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