the disputes put glass quills into production. After a year, one of them is a bestseller

Kateina Lenochov and Marek Mlnak offer a replacement for plastic quills: their glassware with the name Steeblo. They started, as they themselves, from pka. They contacted the Czech glass manufacturer, had a beautiful design cover made and thus clean the cards with a nice Czech hand. The entrepreneur T-Mobile Rozjezdy also succeeded in the competition.

Did you know that I had no idea that there was a glass quill?
Urit vm. When we sell in the market, our people often ask what we sell in the first place. When I understand that they are glass quills, it is very surprising, but also a fan. Lb tell them that they are ecological and can be used all the time.

Umm imagined he asked the customer: Not much kehk? Didn’t it break? Doesn’t it break? But is he probably washing himself? And most importantly, how do you drink from it?
It’s just like that. (smch) Quills are glass, yes, they are plastic. They are made of durable borosilicate glass, so they can’t break as easily as you might think. Do not break the quill when handling it, usually bake it on the ground. And as for washing, you can put them in the dishwasher for a while. Or rinse under running water, or clean with a card that is part of each set. And you drink from it asn, give it a try. See, the drink looks very stylish. At the same time, it is not harmful to health and does not affect the taste of the drink, unlike a metal quill.

U iu ns je vrobc sklennch brek vce. Where are your friends?
We were among the first to offer quills in all of them, but that doesn’t mean anything to you. The limes are mainly made by quills in various cases of cloth, cork, but wood, which are very popular. We have a specially curved quills with ridges, which are a bestseller among people. And such quills, if I know, no one in them yet.

On the site that you founded Steeblo, because you are interested in the world, invitations and sales. Most people started the company because they want to make money.
We know that when someone longs something they enjoy, and with this activity and help, then the pension will eventually come by themselves. The workload is based on the sale of glass straws and other ecological products. This is such a bonus for us. Didn’t it work? (smch)

How did it all start? When and for everything did it occur and how much time passed from the idea to the sale of the first quill?
For a long time, we wondered how the floor, plastic, dirt and water are everywhere, and no one said anything about it. Neither do we. Then we went on vacation to moi, where we saw what all the plastic could cause me to dormer and in the awards. So we said to ourselves that we would not just stand by, but let’s do something about it. The idea that we will sell glass quills was created in the year 2018. In the same year, we started grinding out what the quills and cases will look like, and we fine-tuned them in the year 2019, when we first launched an e-shop.

Just for a quill? Netvou vs vc plastics kelmky?
According to us, the quill is the biggest symbol of the evil that plastic can cause me. We all know elva pictures, I have an overgrown plastic quill in my nose. Plastic quills are so small that they become a bite of sea plankton, they very easily get into the body of fish and other sea animals. Of course, all one-piece plastics are a problem. Therefore, let’s sell reusable devbs. In addition, each product contributes to one Czech organization, which is very sympathetic in that it not only actively protects the elves, but thus educates the locals not to steal the elves’ eggs and instead engage in other activities.

How did they look in the glasses, when you are behind them with a request to make a glass quill second?
We approached Sklren with a precise idea of ​​what the quills should look like. We wanted each quill to have its own smoothie or a little drink. Some of us disapproved that they didn’t want to do such things at all. In the end, we agreed with the family Czech glassworks in the north of the Czech Republic, which will make quills exclusively for us and will come out to meet what we can think of.

Urit, you had to invest something, I mean in production, in the establishment of an e-shop.
Yes, in order to be able to make quills and cases, we had to put our own pensions into it, which we got out of work. We didn’t drink anything, it was in our pockets. We wanted all products, let’s sell them, to be made in the Czech Republic, and this is not exactly a cheap affair.

Did the investment go awry? And uiv vs this business?
Since we started our business only in March 2019, at the end of the year we ended up in a nightmare. If we don’t start a business yet, Marek can still go to his employees. In the future, we would like to build a company that has two of us, our newborn son, and our coke. (smch)

You are also a life partner. Is it suitable for business or vice versa?
Sometimes it’s convenient, sometimes it’s not. We were in business with the fact that we wanted to have a project together so that we could be together. It used to be that we only saw each other for an hour. Now we are satisfied, because we really last a while together. Of course, we have conflicts, but we always solve them. We have all the decided decisions together, we at least consult them. None of us is dominant, we are finishing.

You scored in the T-Mobile Rozjezdy competition. What does vs mean and do you think you attracted the attention of the jury?
The loss in the competition gave the main self-confidence. We found out that our people really like our quills and he will eat them. We kicked us into continuing our business and still developing it. I think we were interested in the jury mainly because we have an ecological product that is sometimes distinguishable from others. Today, great emphasis is placed on ecology and sustainability.

How full are you in the future?
In the future, we would like to expand the range. We don’t just want to stay at the break, we want to offer and give more sustainable products. We started with woods and bowls. We want to continue, for example, with reusable glass bottles. The condition is that what he offers must be made in the Czech Republic. And that makes us a little harder. It’s not going as fast as we could.

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