The differences in the salaries of lka go to thousands of plates, the youngest being the youngest

According to medical associations, young salaries have the lowest salaries. Nkte take only 12 and 18 thousand crowns gross msn. Practitioners are rewarded according to other rules and can affect their income to some extent.

According to the Association of Practical Schools, the practice of the general practitioner collects each month from the hospital and the patient usually receives 112 and 120 thousand crowns in gross terms. “From this gross income, you have to pay your nurse, all expenses for the operation and equipment of the surgery, including materials, health and social insurance and income tax. The same income is individual, it can be in the range of 25 and 50 thousand crowns, “to Irena Kudrnovsk, speaks Sdruen practical practitioners.

The captain’s salary is in practice

The reward of the practice depends mainly on how much the patient takes care of. Mostly it is in a thousand patients, in some areas it is even two thousand. For each registered patient, the practitioner receives a so-called captain payment of 47 and 50 crowns. Eating is for extended hours or for an ordered patient for an agreed period. If the patient has one thousand, he collects each month from the insurance company and 50 thousand crowns.

In addition to the basic captain of payments I have to pay money, for example, three crowns for when in the doctor’s office a new doctor. Some insurance companies, such as VZP, piplc and five crowns, if you start using sweat in the surgery, join the Chord program for better patients (more here). The health insurance company of the Ministry of the Interior rewards a payment of 7 and 10 crowns to the captain of payments for the fact that the person writes health data into the electronic card of life, which the patient reads (read more here).

Collect and give payments and regulated fees

He gives the pension to collect the practice of the doctor for services that are not part of the captain of the payment. It is a comprehensive examination of the patient or the patient’s place of residence. Each such performance has a certain value point, which is usually connected and will receive a pension. The value of the declared point now varies according to the type of power in vi 0.90 and 1.08 crowns. For a comprehensive examination of a patient who takes care of prevention, the patient will receive, for example, another 430 crowns. If you visit your patient in the city of his / her residence, he / she will receive 90 crowns for the visit.

He gave my interns from the collection of regulated fees, for which, according to the information of the Association of Practical Practices, he now collects 6 and 10 thousand crowns per month. The insurance company also pays the money for administrative acts, for example for the issuance and termination of each incapacity for work for five crowns. The person receives a payment from the patient, for example for the injection, the entrance fee to the employee and proof of the ability to drive a car, which people pay out of pocket.

An interesting thing about a practical lesson in the direction of his career is the fact that he sells his office to a young colleague. The price for a penalized practice ranges from one to t million crowns. Which, of course, also has a second page – for the practitioner, this connection represents the financial knowledge known at the start of the drug, which he has to meet for a long time.

In addition, the practitioners have yet to work their way up. Only then can they consider their own private practice. And in these pots their salaries are quite low.

“The practitioner-resident is guaranteed a certificate of preparation for the entire period of about 12,000 crowns gross,” said Pavel Vychytil, a young association of young practitioners.

The salaries of young people are below average

Unlike practices, medical staff in hospitals are rewarded according to wage or salary regulations, which stipulate the end of work and the government’s instructions. In hospitals, which are established by the Ministry of Health, regions and cities, the average salary of a doctor is around 48,723 crowns. In the specific salary, however, it depends on how much salary the employee is currently treated with regard to the length of experience and expertise, in what position he is and how many overtime hours he will work.

Structure prmrnho hrubho msnho salary in lka
in hospitals (in K)
plate rate 23 431
paid for maintenance 865
for work in a thin environment 93
special charges 561
for prci pesas 4 812
for on-call time 1 345
on Saturdays and Sundays 851
for work in the world 424
za not prci 660
wage payments 4 251
a separate petal 5 429
different 6 001
Total salary 48 723
source: ZIS R, Current information. 32/2010

The most paid in hospitals are young people, who have to pay a low salary from the low salary for the pedestrian training, which lasts for most of the field for five and six years. Only after certification do they have the opportunity to work independently and earn an income.

“After entering the teaching hospitals, medical graduates receive a salary in the 11th salary, ie around 17,340 crowns gross, in non-medical healthcare facilities between 15,100 and 18,300 crowns,” said Martin Vestka, chairman of Mlad lkai.

“The total average of starting salaries is just below 17 thousand crowns gross, which is about 100 crowns per hour of working time. We consider it acceptable for a graduate’s student to receive 200 crowns per hour, an untested student with this internship will receive 250 crowns per hour, “adds vestka.

For comparison, the average wage in the Czech Republic last year in the 3rd quarter reached 23,665 crowns.

The beer in the passports can only be eaten

Young people usually do not have a personal fee, a management fee or a risk fee, so they can only earn long hours on foot. Only the wall will help the bag, and in addition it means the added zt. People often send out another 100 and 140 hours per month outside normal working hours and receive from 90 to 180 crowns for one passover hour.

“In pathology, genetics or ending of wards, where young people are transferred, young people are referred to a basic salary and earn about 14 thousand crowns a certain amount,” notes the vestka.

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