The demand for brigds is to go before Christmas

Offer of external brigd companies advertise from jna, some go two. The peak, however, pichz now at the end of November. New offers appear every day, the most interesting and best paid ones disappear very quickly. Most cities are in logistics centers, e-shops and retail. But also look for brigades in hotels, restaurants and ski resorts.

At the first time, the cadre looks at a number of brigdnky companies. They are most often associated with foreign sales. The optimism of the consumer is growing steadily, buy from year to year more, and in stores or via the Internet. And first it creates a new job, especially the seasonal part-time job.

Nabdka brigd is a record this year, said Michal Novk from the job portal Occupying them is not easy at all, although the interest in these cities is you not last year.

Companies therefore brigdnky leave shnt two more, some of it since the beginning of autumn. But the highlight came first at the end of November, to Ji Halbrtt, Managing Director and Marketing ManpowerGroup. Most brigds are offered in Prague, it is about two thousand cities. The smallest part is recorded in the region, where there is a number of positions in each large city.

Logistics centers need hundreds of brigdnk

The greatest demand for brigade cadons arises in the logistics centers of e-shops and transport companies, which are to ensure the delivery of consignments to households by bike. So these are warehouses and expedients, pickers, workers of packaging lines, couriers and put professions.

The number of our employees is the highest in the year. In this period, we will employ hundreds of seasonal employees in addition, confirms Milan Loidl, marketing director of PPL CZ. In December, these are expected in certain days and twice as much as in the previous year.

At the same time, Brigdnkm tries to come out according to their time possibilities. The work schedule in 16 package depots throughout the country is divided into three shifts, so it allows flexibility. In addition to the handlers, providing loading and loading, we increase the number of operators of the customer center in Prague before Christmas and, in cooperation with our carriers, we are looking for seasonal deliveries throughout the country, adds Loidl.

For example, the online store increases the number of people in warehouses for more than a hundred people for the last weeks of the year. However, we are always trying to find brigades in advance, which will help us to increase the capacity of the opening hours of our stores in Prague and in the regions, as well as for our customer line, adds Pavel Hobkov, press spokesman

Hunger for people is also in stone shops

Brigdens are very involved in retail, which is trying to stop the customer support. Brigdnick we are increasing operationally, because the gradual growth of sales will take place from the first half of December and until Christmas, to Rita Gabrielov, head of corporate communications Globus.

The advantage is that shops can offer a flexible working regime that can be combined with studying or you need to start. There are also more job positions to choose from. We are most looking for additional goods, cash registers, desk and bakery workers, describes Vclav Koukolek, external communication manager at Tesco Stores R.

And young students can also stay here. We can offer young people from the age of 15. Those in our country are full of goods, adds Gabriel. He adds that they are very thin for this help, because the flow of goods before Christmas is really very strong.

There are also offers for hostess cities and promoters at specialized events in shopping centers.

In addition, temporary positions are also listed by companies from the field that are associated with shops. Before Christmas, increase the number of employees, such as security agencies. Naven is weaving guards. Usually the course takes place in the time horizon from the arrest of December to the full January, to Zita Metal, manager of the Security Agency of the M2C agency. So they can adapt to the time of the brigdnk.

Search also in the field of tourism

In addition to outdoor shopping, there is an area where the demand for seasonal workers increases at Christmas and in winter. The high supply of cities is thus in tourism and gastronomic services, Novk points out the opportunity to look for a part-time job.

People go all the way to restaurants. In addition, hotels and guest houses in ski resorts are preparing for the season. The demand is for bartenders and nurses, maids, recipes, but you’re like a masseuse. Some hotels are also looking for animators, for example.

For example, the OREA hotel offers a number of interesting work opportunities for the season, in the most attractive mountain destinations, such as the Umav railway Ruda, or the Mln and Harrachov pindlerv in the Giant Mountains. For seasonal employees, we can spend the whole winter season in the mountains. In addition to earning pensions, we offer them hotel-type accommodation. Petra Slab, HR Director of OREA Hotels & Resorts, describes the free time they can spend on snowboarding, skiing or winter sales.

Thus, the operator of lyaskch arel shn brigdnky in large. Just look at the pages of any center and you can choose from a wide range of positions. The request is for ski instructors, cable car operators, workers who groom slopes and snow parks. You need people straight in rental skis or you in parking lots.

At the end of the year, pre-sales for travel agencies will start for travel agencies for the summer season 2020. We have the main season from January to the north, confirms Ji Malina, HR director of the travel agency Invia. He then gave a wave of pichz in lt, when, on the contrary, sell last minute exits.

How much to pay for a brigd

You can get a sun pension. Czechs are brigdnkm a little while not Moravia and Silesia. Wages here range on average between 120 and 130 crowns per hour. In Prague and its surroundings, we recorded an increase in the average wage of the brigdnka from 130 to 150 crowns per hour, to Halbrtt. According to ManpowerGroup, the brigdnk spent about 120 crowns an hour in Moravia per hour, and Silesia offers an average hourly wage of 100 and 110 crowns.

This is also confirmed by the employer. Rates are based on the wages of our employees and vary from region to region. In these cities it is at its maximum, elsewhere on the medina, said Gabriel. The usual range of remuneration for brigdnk in Globus stores is 120 and 140 crowns per hour.

Tesco Stores also has a similar approach. The establishments are divided according to the scheme of localities, which were created with regard to the situation on the market. So Brno is considered both by unemployment and you by the cost of living. The remuneration per hour then varies according to these localities. For example, in Prague it will offer 129 crowns per hour, in Brno 120 crowns per hour. During the whole of December, however, we will also offer a 10% surcharge for part-time workers to work shifts on Saturdays, Sundays and at night, to Koukolek.

But get there. We can offer 165 crowns per hour, for metal. This reward often depends, among other things, on how urgently the company needs the brigade. If he needs people to sell carp for two weeks, who will freeze outside for 12 hours a day, he will calmly offer 12 thousand crowns a week, two Halbrtt treasures. On the contrary, the long-term chances of working with the regime according to the end of the work will be at the lower wage limit.

The Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamek (SSD), tried to make a sweat shift (12/2018):

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