The Czech koruna will weaken at the end of the next year, according to experts

The year 2009 was known to be unbalanced in the stock and currency markets. Dn was affected by both the economic crisis and, for example, the lace pig. How are the forecasts for the coming year and in which it would be worthwhile to invest, you asked the investment specialists in an online interview.

From July to November of this year, the price of gold rose by 24 percent and gold reached new highs. According to the expert, its price will fall by the end of five years.

Even my markets should not be neglected. The Japanese yen, for example, will fall and the Czech koruna will weaken mainly against the US dollar.

Who answered: Karol Piovarcsy has been the director of Saxo Bank Prague since May this year. With this, Saxo Bank’s clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are in charge. Prior to that, he worked as a manager for Central and Entrance Europe at Saxo Bank in London. He graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava.

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